The problem with moving away has been the month of September. So much happens during this month that My OCD self has been going NUTS.

I’m not entirely OCD. My issues with having concrete “plans” have slowly dissolved since moving out here to LA. Am I still crazy when I think about something that I can’t find? Yes. I will not be satisfied until it is found. Sometimes I will think about things that serve little importance to me and MUST find them in order to feel okay about it. Otherwise I’m in for an upset stomach.
However, this also carries over the events and people. This past week I knew my little brother was going to get a new car for his birthday. I was nauseous thinking about him getting his surprise without me being there. I mean I feel this is a big deal and I’m missing out on it.
The coming weeks will be equally as tough. My boyfriend’s old roommate is getting married. I had planned all the while to go to the wedding before I made my move. I mean I was there when he first met her and after he proposed – why wouldn’t I go to the wedding? However getting from LA to Dallas is not as easy as 1-2-3. There are never any deals for those flights because it’s such a popular trip.
And while all of my friends are going to attend the first Horned Frog football game, I’m going to be here airbrushing more naked people.
However, there is a light at the end of all of this dark tunnel. I feel like this place is starting to become home. Last night I went to an official gathering with “friends” and had a great time. It was a house party and we were celebrating the finale of True Blood. The whole place was decked out with decorations which reminded me of Halloween and feeling the nice breeze come through the doors of the upstairs balcony got me really excited for the next few months.
Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little babis of a brother! He’s not so little anymore since he’s 17 but you get it. He shares a birthday with Amy Winehouse, Sean Preston & Jayden James Spears-Federline.

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