I can hear the jokes now…

But seriously, take this quiz and see what it’s comprised of. “What is your favorite show to watch?” My choice? Degrassi, obvi. Then it asks a bunch of crap about eating habits and living situations, and then this little gem popped up on my screen:

“Hopefully you’re old enough to support a new life brought into the world!” Hopefully? Old enough? No, no, no. They’ve got it all wrong. Last time I checked, you could be bloody 35-years-old and give birth but if you don’t have the funds to care for an innocent babis then you’re totally screwed. And a side note: I’m pretty sure men don’t ever get mature enough to have a baby… their wives just cope with them while they’re freaking out about their lives being over. Then they manifest with a midlife crisis, much like Jon Gosselin is doing right now, while Kate is busy talking to Larry King.
Furthermore, this baby would need to have taken up residence in my uterus by osmosis. Immaculate conception?! Am I birthing the next baby Jesus?!!!!!

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