I airbrushed my first celebrity!

And I didn’t even know it.

This woman comes in frequently to get airbrushed and I spray her most of the time. We’ve developed a good relationship. Anyway, this story is quite funny so let me get started.
She came in on Friday for a quick airbrush sesh. We get started and she’s very physically fit woman, very pretty, beautiful skin. I know her name is Traci. When someone gets tanned, we like to compliment them to make them feel more at ease when they’re naked because most people are very nervous and it helps them to calm down. Like, “You have a great complexion!” “This color is going to look great on you!” “You have fabulous legs!” etc. It sounds kind of weird but in this type of setting it’s not.
So I’m spraying Traci she just mentions she has a 22-month-old son. This woman does NOT look like she has kids. “No way, that can’t be possible. You have a great body for a Mom!” She is flattered and we continue to chat and talk about my aspirations to be a manager, producer and maybe even act.
“Really? I’ve produced a few movies and I know a manager, I will try to help you out!”
Great! She’s so funny and friendly that the airbrush session is over before we know it. I walk her downstairs to get her checked out and notice that her credit card receipt name reads differently than her booking name. She signs the receipt, leaves and says she’ll see me next time.
One of the stylists comes up to me. “Was that Traci Lords?”
“Yeah! How did you know… that’s what her credit card receipt says.”
“How did I know? Look her up.”
I look her up and it seems she has had a pretty successful acting career after living a hard life and then getting into hardcore porn in the 80s. She was most recently in “Max and Miri Make a Porno” as a character named “Bubbles” and is going to be in the upcoming film adaptation of “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.” That night I got texts from my co-workers saying, “You tanned Traci Lords?! She’s a legend!”
OH life. Just a little sheltered Texas girl I am… The only porn star I’ve ever heard of is Jenna Jameson! Anyway, Traci is a fun and wonderful person. Gooood times.

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