Be Funky

I had a little fun last night on I love the creativity it let’s me outlet. Also, this is completely a side note, but I’m going to start really focusing on getting into football. Stewart breathes OU football so I figure I might as well get in on the fun (however I’m not sold as my college pick just yet). I love TCU, they will be my #1, however I need a public school option as well. Mostly because I want a cute shirt to wear. And I’m looking for a NFL team to support as well, so I’ll let you travel with me throughout that adventure (it’s sure to be entertaining I’m sure). I need a cute Dodgers shirt for the game tomorrow? Any ideas on where I could get one? I LOVE the vintage tee shirt look.

Here are the rest of the photos! It’s completely free and fun.

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One thought on “Be Funky

  1. Oh how fun! You look simply fab in the first one! Love the outfit!!!! You are so cute and creative! For college pick how bout USC? or the Horns of course!XOXO

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