An Open Letter to Zac Efron (and Vanessa Hudgens)

Look. I love you. So do trillions of 13-year-olds. Point being? Ditch the trashy girlfriend! Baby girl Vanessa repeatedly shoots herself in the foot (and shoots herself nude). Remember that naked photo incident in 2007?!!!!!! I do. Lucky for her she was only 17 when she took those, so they were immediately removed from the web because of child indecency laws.
Well, based on these photos, they’re pretty recent. And she’s still in the nude. What gives?! I mean, this is getting RIDICULOUS. Keep your clothes on, V. Heck, if you want to be naked, fine, just run to Playboy and get some $$$$ out of it (your pride and integrity is already out the window) instead of doing lame-o movies like Bandslam… and don’t say I’m being harsh because who is REALLY going to see this movie in the theater (sorry Bobby Bones).

I’m really wondering if these pics were intended for you, Zac, or for some heathen she’s cheating on you with. I mean I really hate to say that, really…
Anyway, she should have learned her lesson the first time. If this is a hacking incident, that sucks, otherwise wisen up chick. Your fame is now soley based on the fact that you’re Zac Efron’s girlfriend and the Disney star who loves to expose her nips.
I’m done. Love ya Zaccy, please ditch this lady lump now.

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One thought on “An Open Letter to Zac Efron (and Vanessa Hudgens)

  1. Question: What is the obsession with nude photos with that girl. Didn't she learn anything from the first episode? I'm pretty sure Disney won't be so forgiving this time. If these photos are for Zaccy, can't he see her naked anytime he wants? Even if they are not physically in proximity to one another, they can always "sex skype.". At least that would be a little more private.

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