#music monday

Here are my most recent downloads. I literally just took the past five songs I’ve purchased and slapped them into the post:

Sweet Dreams, Beyonce
A perfect beat for working out and great for a club mix too. Makes me want to get my diva dance on! Her voice is spot-on. The video for this at the concert was nuts… not the same as the released video, but pretty cool – robot Beyonce takes on a leopard. Use your imagination.
21 Guns, Green Day
I can’t seem to shake the chorus once I listen to it once or twice.
You Are the Best Thing, Ray LaMontagne
Such a cutesy little song. Reminds me of a slower, happier pace of life. Great for Sundays when you’re driving around the the windows rolled down.
Nasty, Janet, Miss Jackson if you’re nasty
I used to love this song as a small child. There was this Disney type video that combined a bunch of popular songs and this song was one of them. I had to download it because my boss Kristen and I and like to talk about my mom. When Kristen asked me her name, I go, “Janet, Miss Johnson if you’re NASTY!” Of course we got a good laugh and vowed, one day, to a print a bunch of shirts that say “We heart Janet” and on the back … you know the rest.
Human Nature, Michael Jackson
John Mayer inspired me to download this one. It’s such a great song that I forgot about! J.May did a wonderful acoustic version of this at MJ’s memorial.

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