Kiss and Make-up

I did the skincare essentials, now time for beauty!!!!

Vaseline, $1
I know it sounds way too easy, but Vaseline is a miracle worker. Use a dab to relieve yourself of fussy baby hairs, swipe some under your eyes and use it as a lip balm when you what kissably-soft lips. You can find it at your local drugstore.
Laura Mercier SPF 20 Tinted Moisturizer, $42
My old roommate Liz helped again with this one! I saw how wonderful it made her skin look so I decided to give it a whirl and man, am I glad I did! It gives your skin a flawless appearance that brightens you up, adds a dash of color and protects with the SPF. You only need a tiny bit to get the job done. However, I must add that if you have fine lines and wrinkles that you should prep your skin with a primer, like one from Smashbox. This moisturizer does seep into creases which can create the allusion that you’re older than you are. You can purchase this online or at Sephora.
NARS Orgasm/Laguna blush & bronzer duo, $45
I know I mentioned in a previous post to avoid powder bronzers, but I can’t help myself with this one. The colors really pop and it’s like I’ve just laid out at the pool every time I swipe on some. I think that duo doesn’t come with Laguna anymore, it’s now South Beach. You can purchase this online or at Sephora.
Loreal Voluminous Mascara (waterproof) $7.49
Best mascara, hands-down. I love the waterproof version because it’s long lasting and doesn’t flake as much. My lashes look fake when I put this on and I always get compliments! However, if you don’t normally have thick and abundant lashes, consider using this product along with another mascara – the waterproof version tends to separate lashes very finely. (Local drug stores)
Bobby Brown Long-wear gel eyeliner $21
Liz to the rescue again. I have a hard time with eyeliner because of the eye surgeries I have had. But this little pot o’ gold makes my eyeliner sorrows non-existent. You apply it with a fine, angled eyeliner brush and voila! Beautiful eyes in no time. (online, Nordstrom)
Philosophy Big Lips, $22
I love love LOVE Philosophy, from their delightful body washes, decadent moisturizers and face washes (try Purity or Hope in a Jar). I knew I had to try their lip plumper! I ended up buying both colors because this stuff doesn’t hurt like other plumpers. Seriously, looking good shouldn’t BURN, unless you’re burning cash on a perfect pair of jeans. It gives me a perfectly kissable pout and looks natural which I’m all for. (Sephora)

L’Oreal True Match Concealer, $8.95
I don’t like feeling like I’m wearing a TON of makeup! Just make it quick and simple. That’s why I love this concealer. It does a great job at coverage, is light, and it blends perfectly with your skin tone so you don’t have to apply it everywhere to look even – just on the spots you need it! I’d recommend it for any blemish or if you plan on taking a lot of photos dab a tiny bit underneath your eyes to brighten up any circles you may have.
Ardell Duralash Individual Eyelashes, $3.49
I was never a fan of fake lashes because I personally didn’t think they’d do me any benefit. Then last year I went a little haywire with the eyelash curler and plucked out a few hundred of my eyelashes, which obviously called for an intervention. You can pick these babies up at any local drugstore and even Ulta! They’re great because you only need a few to sprucen up what God already gave you (and in my case, hath taken away). They help me on my road to recovery and although my lashes are back in full force, I still use them when I’m going out for a big event to bring the “wow!” factor. My advice? Buy the short length – not medium… they’re too long.
MAKE UP FOR EVER eyelashes, $15
If you prefer full strip lashes, you can do no wrong with these little guys! They’re just as good as Shu Umera’s lashes (trust me, I tried them) but without the high price tag. $50 for lashes you’ll use once? No. They also have the widest selection to choose from.
DIY: Apply false lashes
Many of you may want to try the fakies but are worried about not knowing how to do it. I am here to help. First of all, you’ll need the three essential things:
a) Eyelashes (choose from above)
b) tweezers and/or a eyelash holder
You can buy the holder at Sephora, Ulta, whatever. They easy hang on to your lash strip to ensure an easy application. However, these are only ideal for the strips. If you’re using individual lashes, you need tweezers.
c) A great lash glue
Most lashes will come with a lash glue. However, some don’t, and some glues suck. Do yourself a huge favor and purchase Shu Umera’s lash glue at Sephora ($8.5o).
Step One: Wash your face, do your make-up all the way until your eyes. At that point, decide what you’re using – strips or individuals.
Step Two: Do not apply the mascara yet. Go ahead and grab whatever lashes you’re using, either with a tweezer or lash applier, and apply the glue to the end.
Step Three: Go for it! Don’t hold back. Just apply the friggen eyelash(es). Practice makes perfect, so don’t try this for the first time right before an event. If using a strip, help adjust the height and location of your lashes with your tweezers. With individuals, apply them to places where your lashes typically “break” or leave holes. You can use up to seven on each eye or a little and three to four.
Step Four: Let sit. It doesn’t take long. Just long enough so that they feel sturdy. They grab your mascara and starting at the base of your lashes work your way up, making sure to coat your own lashes and the false ones.

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