Michael Jackson Memorial

Pre-Memorial Coverage

-Okay first of all, Gloria Allred, shut the hell up. I’m listening her to on MSNBC and she’s talking about a part of Michael Jackson’s “legacy” are his child molestation charges, which may be true, but she keeps saying that he made some “bad” choices regarding young children. Um, HELLO? He was proven innocent under a court of law. I just want to emphasize that there’s this issue with America today. You can be acquitted of any wrongdoing, you can have no fault at all, but if one person starts up something and then creates a bandwagon, it’s like you’ve committed the crime regardless of your innocence. It’s like the Salem Witch Trials or the mean girls in high school. And sadly most people with cases involved in the media create these things with the intention of profiting off of it. Pathetic.

-I don’t know if Michael Jackson did do anything to those children, but I do know that he was a father, a brother and a son – all that come before being a celebrity. And none of that is necessary to be mentioned on the day of his Memorial.

-I am really anxious about this.

-Anyone think MJ was a hottie? He was. His first round of nose job(s?) really enhanced his look. Take a look at him in Beat It. He was a good looking man, and it’s somewhat hard to remember that because he has transformed so much.

-Private family memorial is over and most of shuffling out of Forest Lawn

-Apparently Gloria Allred was referring to the charges she pressed against MJ on behalf of Santa Barbara child welfare services regarding when he dangled his son, Blanket, from a balcony. Sorry, just looked it up.

-LA Times article about unanticipated revenue to Los Angeles is reporting that we should expect around $4 million in unanticipated revenue – which is great an all, but it basically is cancelled out because apparently this Memorial service is costing us about $4 mil in security and other things.

-All hotels in downtown area have been maxed out; Praise the Lord because even The Standard mentioned to us over the phone that they’re basically going bankrupt.

-Is his body really going to be there?! Please say no. Logistics nightmare. Not to mention a little morbid.

-If you’re in LA, here’s a list of channels on Time Warner Cable broadcasting MJ coverageCNN (38), MSNBC (49), Fox News (45), Headline News (47). Channels subject to change.
-Hearse apparently on the move, but I won’t be surprised it it was a fake.

-His poor kids. They lost their Dad at such a young age. I can’t imagine the emotion going on right now.

-It’s weird to think that Janet Jackson is in there. She is his sister. I prayed for their family last night… has to be so hard to deal with.

-I’m going to throw up. There are crowds of people outside of Forest Lawn taking photos of the cars leaving. People!!!! He’s a human being! Not a spectacle! Leave him alone!!!!

-80% of people after MJ’s trial still “found” him guilty. Sad. Apparently evidence shows he was innocence.
-“Once you were in Michael’s life, you were always in his life.” Brian Oxman (last name to be announced), Fox News

-“The family has great respect for the fans…Randy Jackson has taken command of the burial. Randy took charge of Santa Maria during the criminal case and he thought the fans would appreciate it (the body being at the Memorial).” Brian Oxman

-Range Rovers and Rolls Royces going down the highway

-So bizarre that this is going on just minutes from my apartment.

-The path is cleared for Michael. The hearse drive is carrying the casket and the highway has been cleared all the way to The Staples Center. It’s weird to see NO TRAFFIC on the highway!!! If anyone could clear the roads is would be the King of Pop.

-Is this trip from Forest Lawn to Staples called a procession? I don’t know anyone who was laid to rest who left the funeral home, went somewhere else and then back to the funeral home.
-Apparently Shepherd Smith has the same views as me. 🙂

-OPEN CASKET?!! No. Nooooo. No No No.

-I wonder how everyone is getting to work. It IS only 9:36 here. The highway is completely barren. No cars whatsoever.

-Cars on the opposite side of the highway are slowing to watch Michael be transported. What a sight. They’re witnessing a historic event.

-The hearse is definitely Michael’s. I can see his gold casket inside.

-The New York Post should curl up a die.

-Listen, this isn’t going away anytime soon. People will be talking about this for months and years to come. Get over it.

-He really had no privacy. Since being eight years old! He probably had to grow up so young.

-This is kind of off topic, but I am glad Britney Spears seems to have gotten better. There was a period of time that I really thought she was going to die. I’m still scared for her because when I saw her in March it seemed like she was sedated. I just hope she is being responsible if she is taking anything.

-Dude, he is the most famous face on the planet. Dead of alive (I’m referring to a reporter’s comment).

-I hope when I die that people aren’t saying “his family didn’t appear to be a source of help.” That totally sucks for the family members who were looking out for Michael.

-Director of this Memorial is also the director of the Grammys, so expect some kind of spectacle.

-Hearse is in the Staples parking lot, 9:48 am

-18oo officers officially in the area

-Not nearly as many people showed up to Staples; they feel it was because everyone wanted the opportunity to watch on TV

-I’m glad that these tickets were free and that Ebay was removing auctions for tickets online. Very classy.

-My bets are that Justin Timberlake will make an appearance. If Usher will be there, JT will have to be.

-It can easily be assumed that Mariah Carey will sing her infamous cover of “I’ll Be There,” in which case I’ll probably break down and cry. I’m so sad for his family and friends.

-One of my top goals in life was to meet Michael Jackson or at least attend a show. Sad that I will never be able to do that; what’s more is that his kids will never see him perform live.

-I think it is fitting that this Memorial will be somewhat of a spectacle/performance. Michael’s whole life was “bigger” than anything anyone could imagine. He seemed so upbeat and positive even during the worst of times, so a celebration is fitting. I think he would be smiling right now. Remember, he’s been performing since he was a child. It’s all he ever knew.

-Shepherd Smith used the word “crescendo” which makes me giggle because I learned that word through MJ’s song Smooth Criminal.

-I wish everyone would have worn black. It is a Memorial people, not a concert. Or is it?

-Tons of open seats? What? Bizarre…

-If you’re in LA and want to go – run (I mean it… run) your butt over to Staples because apparently they’re passing out tickets to fill the open seats. I’m guessing all the idiots that couldn’t make it to LA and just wanted to see if they could get tickets, which presumably a lot were going to try to sell on Ebay until they got a huge slap in the face after Ebay removed all tickets sales, decided not to come.

-Smokey Robinson is on stage opening up the ceremony, reading on behalf of Diana Ross. 10:13 am PST; on behalf of Nelson Mandela. 10:14 PST

-Quiet as a pin drop in there.

-No program to be found whatsoever. So there’s no idea when the performances start, who starts, who follows and so on.

-On a lighter note, if you want to rob a bank or steal something, this would be the time to do it. A majority of cops are at Staples.

-Listening to Geraldo Rivera, apparently Michael was very hurt after Eminem made fun of him on “Just Lose It.”

-Crowd is rising… I think his family are making it in. Hey Shepherd, why don’t you stop TALKING ABOUT ELVIS and tell us what’s going on.

-Geraldo make a great point. A lot of people at this memorial, celebrities rather, were with Michael during the highs but not during the lows. Nobody was around when he was going through his child molestation charges. Nobody publicly supported him. I understand this was probably wise council of behalf of their publicists, but if you cared and loved Michael and you believed he wasn’t guilty then you should publicly declare that! Because if you care about someone you should support them regardless of what may be said or done.

-You know what’s weird to think about? That people like Steve McNair lived long enough to see the death of Michael Jackson before passing themselves. Or like Jennifer Hudson’s family, who died before Michael. Or my grandma, Bess Clemens, who Michael outlived by almost four years (google her, she was one of the most beautiful women ever). I wonder what’s going on up there. If everyone is excited to see Michael up in Heaven. By the way, Mom, Mima is on Internet Movie Data Base! Haha!!! http://www.imdb.com

Memorial Coverage Commences

-Memorial has started, 10:32 am PST

-Starting with a song. Sounds like a church choir.

-This is devastating. He has just been brought in. His brothers all are respectively wearing yellow ties.

-Crowd is yelling Michael’s name and cheering.

-Pastor Lucius Smith is speaking.

-Not an open casket, thank goodness. It is beautiful however.

-Oh lord. Here comes Mariah. Cue the tears.

-Actually, not tearing up. Mariah sounds not very good at all. I think it’s either because she uses auto-tune a lot (Valentina?). Or maybe she’s just getting older and can’t belt it out like before. Or maybe she’s just emotional. It could be anything.

-Not sure who MC is singing with but he’s doing the song justice by singing it beautifully.

-Poor Katherine Jackson. That’s one of her babies.

-Queen Latifah is speaking. Love her. “Somehow when Michael Jackson sang and dance, we never felt distant. We felt he was right there, right before us… I loved him all my life.” She is giving some words from poet Maya Angelou.

-Lionel Ritchie is performing. I’m glad they’re singing church songs. It is necessary and I just want to take this time to say if you have not accepted Christ as your personal Lord and Savior then you should! Not projecting myself on you all but having a dimension of spirituality in your life really makes things better. I promise.

-I’m glad that they’re not showing the family in the audience too much. I’ve seen a few quick pans of the brothers but I think it’s very polite that they aren’t showcasing their heartbreak.

-Who is this speaking? Am I ignorant? Is this Berry Gordy?

-Yes it is. Innerestin’…

-Loving this video montage. “I’m glad to be thought of as a person and not a personality.”

-If you think about it, Michael made white v-necks a trend.

-STEVIE!!!!! It’s so bizarre that people like Mr. Wonder, Diana Ross, Elizabeth Taylor… that they all lived longer than Michael.

-What an extraordinary man. Stevie Wonder, I mean. He’s blind and one of the best, legendary artists out there. Talk about overcoming the odds.

-SW sounds the best out of anyone who has performed today.

-Trey Lorenz is the gentleman who sang with Mariah Carey earlier, singing the part of Jermaine while Mariah obviously sang MJ’s part.

-Kobe and Magic Johnson… fitting, considering this is all taking place in “The House that Kobe Built.”

-I love this story. Magic talking about Michael eating Kentucky Friend Chicken. It makes him more relatable you know? He was a person, a human being. And a great shout out to Katherine.
-Children spotted. They seem to be doing well.

-Janet Jackson is there… looking beautiful as always, wearing big sunglasses.

-Val’s favorite song! And a very preggers Jennifer Hudson to sing it. Thank you Jesus, she is killing this song. Amen!
-I love the sign language. Reminds me of Levine 🙂 The only person I know to be fluent in sign language.

-My mom is telling me to turn the channel because of Al Sharpton. I don’t really care about him so I’m going to talk about something else right now.

-I know a lot of people don’t consider Michael’s death or Memorial “real news.” But let’s be reminded that this IS real news. This is what’s going on in the world today, right now. It might not be as important as other things going on, but news is something that is prominent in the world right now, something that affects people all over the Earth. And Michael Jackson’s death has most definitely had that effect. I mean, if Sarah Palin can get coverage then Michael Jackson sure as heck can, and it wouldn’t be an overstatement for me to say that Jackson trumps Palin by like a billion.

-Al, please stop yelling. You’re driving me nuts.

-Michael’s daughter is beautiful! I think she understands the real meaning behind what’s going on right now. I think Prince might not really understand yet and Blanket it too young really.

-One thing I liked about Al’s speech? “There was nothing strange about your Daddy, what was strange was what your Daddy had to put up with.”

-John Mayer. I do love you. He looks very handsome. He’s doing an amazing job on the guitar.

-I think this is an electric guitar? Whatever it is, I love it. I’m always drawn to songs of any kind with this type of instrument in it. I need to get my music knowledge in order.

-Brooke Shields looks great and it’s heartbreaking to see the tears on her face. She is staying very well composed, bless her heart.

-I like the memories being shared. It helps to make the fans and outsiders who didn’t know him personally understand that he was a fun, caring, normal guy. He just happened to be talented, have a ton of money and a lot of media attention.

-I feel incredibly but I am too young to recognized which Jackson brother this is. I’ll figure it out. -It’s Jermaine! Should of known. Singing “Smile,” MJ’s favorite song.

-Martin Luther King III speaking. “Be the best of what you are.” Bernice A. King is making a great speech herself. “Ultimately at the end of the day, it is only God’s love that will anchor you, sustain you and move you to a higher ground.”

-Oh really, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee? Well I remember a court date on 2/13/08 where it would have seemed that things weren’t innocent until proven guilty… more the other way around. Maybe you were the exception, the only person who thought that way.

-I wonder what Usher is performing? -“Gone Too Soon.” He’s doing a great job as well. I don’t know how people are performing right now. I’d be a royal mess. A nice memory of Michael with the late Jim Henson.

-Usher, yikes. I feel like the casket is forbidden. You should have stayed on stage. -Well, maybe not. He seems to be close with the fam.
-Michael Jackson is undeniably one of the best singers, dancers and performers of our time. I think a lot of people forget what a true talent he was. He had a beautiful voice.

-Smokey’s back. He’s making everyone laugh. Good for him!

-Winner of Britain’s Got Talent on now. He’s a little guy!

-KENNY ORTEGA!!! I love him! If you don’t know him, IMDB this guy. He’s the mastermind behind High School Musical, Hocus Pocus, Dirty Dancing… he did the concert production for Miley Cyrus and I believe the Jonas Brothers. He is currently working on the new Footloose remake and his is incredible.

-Performing part of “This is It” tour segment. I don’t know who these people are singing. I don’t recognize them. The first guy singing was a tad terrifying.

-This is so heartbreaking to see the family.

-Janet is standing with Paris. I think everyone has to be heavily medicated. I would be.

-Oh my Lord. This is so heartbreaking. Paris’ little speech. I can’t imagine losing my Dad or Mom.

-Things are ending. He is being escorted out. It’s weird that he’s actually gone. I keep telling my Mom that I never thought I’d see the day that Michael Jackson died. But isn’t that odd? I mean, he is older than me. I’d have to see him pass at some point. I guess everyone just assumes celebrities are invincible.

-I didn’t even know him, but how crazy is it that one person could touch so many people’s lives without even knowing them? I know a lot of people might look down on me for blogging about all of this, but I think it’s important. I don’t feel ashamed that I like celebrities and pop culture. I think it has helped me to stay as positive, hopeful and ambitious as I am. It’s saddening to know that an icon and someone so young could lose their life so early. And I sincerely hope that everyone in the entertainment business will learn that the talent they work with are people too, not something just to make profit off of. They have lives, issues, families, successes and failures. So treat them as a human and not a bank deposit.

-I am happy that they allowed the public to be apart of this. Now we can finally move on, right? Memorial ended at 12:48 pm PST.

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2 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Memorial

  1. I have to admit that at first I didn't want there to be a public Memorial. I thought it would be undignified and turn into a circus. I was wrong. I'm am so glad to see that it was tastefully done and I personally feel much better having heard those who knew MJ speak about their memories. I grew up with MJ. His music was the back drop of my life. We are the same age. I can't believe we will not see him again until we all get to heaven. BTW, can I just say how proud I am to have a daughter who is loving and thoughtful and makes the world a better place with her in it? You are amazing and I am so proud of you! XOXO Thank you for your blog Kirbie.

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