Hope for me yet

I got back to my apartment to notice this little gem on PerezHilton.com (sorry, I can’t just quit him… have to ween myself off). People, do you realize what this means? There might soon be a single-and-mingling JT on the streets of LA. Score!!! And sorry to Jessica. But seriously? I’m not too sorry.
July 4th was pretty amazing. Me and seven girlfriends went to The Standard downtown for their rooftop party. We laid out all day and had a blast until Molly stepped on one of the couches, which resulted in an upholstery nail going through her foot. It was bleeding everywhere and I’m pretty sure she needs a tetanus shot. Anyway, after that whole escapade we went to the room to sleep and then we ate pizza. Bad idea because I really don’t like pizza and it made me not feel very good. But God forbid I miss a night out! So we all got ready and went back to the rooftop. There was some crazy 32-year-old across the hall from us trying to give away cocaine. Yes, the drug. I had a little bit to drink so I was trying to kung-fu fight him in the hallway (have you seen my high kick? I can kick people in the face) and told him drugs were bad and also suggested he enter a D.A.R.E program. Like from 5th grade. Anyway he left us alone after that, obvi because I am so terrifying with my ninja moves. Drug free is the way to be people. And I can say that because have you seen people that do drugs? They end up looking like this:
We went upstairs to the party and the DJ was spinning really fun songs. The whole night we couldn’t stop singing “To the window, to the WALL!” because of Lauren so when it finally came on we were ecstatic. I crashed around 2:30 but everyone else was in full on party mode I think until like 4:00. Girlfriend had to get some beauty rest because the good Lord knows I need it.
Anyway, tonight is going to be chill. I’m going to lay out with the girls and then we’re watching the first season of True Blood. And I can’t wait for this upcoming week because Lauren is taking us all to Staples for the Beyonce concert!!!!!! ahhhhh!!!! I’m so thrilled. Her grandpa has a box so fun should be had by all.
Hope you had a lovely 4th!!!

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One thought on “Hope for me yet

  1. Haha! Kirb! Things looking up in the JT department and I bet you freaked that drughead out! You go gurl!!! You might be the next superhero! XOXO

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