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Who here is a Lady Gaga fan? I am, but not more than my boyfriend. Stu loves her. I tried to figure it out – why all guys seem to gravitate to her – I mean, she has a weird sense of style and she’s not that attractive, so why all the fuss? I figured it out though and the answer is simple.

She’s a skank.

Don’t pretend like she isn’t! She has a great album, yes. She can sing, she can dance, she can perform/create/visualize/execute like nobody else. I give her total props for that because I think she’s a genius. So this isn’t from a jealous place, more of an infatuation rather… it’s just odd to me that a not-so-cute girl who wears bubbles and spears on her body manages to attain a male’s attention.

But really, it’s not rocket science. It’s life. Remember, ladies, when you were in school and you were kind of prudish, more on the “goody two shoes” side; your parents knew exactly what you were doing at all times? And then there were the girls (who were named Robyn, Samantha and Katie in my case) whose parents let them run a muck and they were free to hang out with boys whenever they wanted? And subsequently all the guys thought they were all “sooooo hot?” Let’s think about this for a minute. I’m not saying just because a sixth grader is allowed to have unsupervised male visits that it makes her a skank. Or maybe I am. Actually, that’s exactly what I am saying. But anyway, the boys didn’t find those girls attractive because they were breathtakingly beautiful. So if you were like me wondering what made those girls so visually appealing to the boys, it has been nice to realize that after all these years that the guys were going for the skanks. They were easy and had enough to serve everyone, which apparently to hormone-enraged boys is the best thing ever. They are blinded by the idea of sex (or something close to it).

It’s no wonder, however, that we all grew up and those girls are still a little “blah” looking (no offense? I mean whatever) and have a few babies and the rest of the little weirdlings such as myself grew up to have charisma and standards. But, I think this says something: if you are confident, push the envelope and have a vision, you can make things happen regardless of if you’re a slut, not attractive, don’t wear pants, wear black lipstick, drink from a tea cup… you get the point.

So I guess it’s the Lady GaGa complex. She puts on a good show and leaves little to be desired which seems to do the trick for the most part. Whatever it takes, right? Nevertheless, she might be skank, but she seems to be doing something right because she’s uber-successful and I’m blogging about her and nobody seems to be blogging about me (yet…).

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