Celebs, tiny things and star signs

For some reason, I haven’t mentioned the thing most of you people come here to read about: celebrities!!! So here we go.

Last Friday, I was walking downstairs in the salon to get our next airbrush client, Laura. I get to the bottom of the stairs, round the corner and see a young woman with big hair and start to walk towards her thinking it was Laura. I was about to ask her if she was here for an airbrush tan until I got about two inches away from her and realized it was none other than Audrina Patridge.

Um, definitely not Laura. Luckily I backed away before she noticed and things got real awkward. She was extremely beautiful in person and didn’t make a huge scene.

It must have been celeb day because not an hour later Janice Dickinson walked in. I couldn’t believe it. First of all, she’s just as you’d expect: loud and in charge. She’s fun. She’s in wonderful shape and I was really impressed with how good she looks. She’s very tan after returning from the jungle. And, lastly, she’s kind. I was nervous because I didn’t know how to react to her but she was very polite and introduced herself to me. Today she came in again and hung out and was a hoot. She brought us chocolates and lounged around while getting her hair done. She even hugged me! What a doll. I love her.

ON to tiny things. Starbucks just came out with new gift cards – keychain size! ahhh! I love this!!! I’m obsessed with Starbucks and I constantly have a gift card on me (thanks to Uncle Rog – he understands my obsession. BTW, follow him on Twitter, @RogerClemens). So imagine my complete delight when I got an e-mail about the new baby cards!!!! No more worrying about if I brought my Starbucks card along in my wallet – it’s on my keys. Precious!

Lastly, in college I took an introductory astronomy class and although I hated it with all my heart, I learned that what we think our astrological sign is is probably wrong. We used this astronomy program in one of our labs to chart where the sun was (or something) on that exact date and time we were born. Apparently, I am really a sagitarrius and not a capricorn, although I am considered a cappy by standards these days. I have a mix of traits from both signs so I figure I’m a Capricarrius. 🙂 You can find out what you are (and compare) at this site since I can’t remember the actual program:


That’s all. Off to work a cocktail party! xo.

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