You look like a Yorkie

On Friday I was at the salon when Christopher, one of the hairstylists, looks at me and goes, “OH my GOD, Kirbie, I just LOVE the color of your hair! You look like a Yorkie!” Um, red flags noted. Time for a-sprucening up. I went to Edward, the King of Blondes here at the salon – he performs a technique called baliage that’s all over Europe and originated in France. Instead of foils, it involves meticulously painting individual pieces. Anyway, I’m always nervous when I go blonde and I don’t know why. I’m always the client that goes in and says “I want to look natural, sunkissed really,” but Edward told me to vamp it up for summer. Okay.

So I did. And I’m loving the color. He did leave the bottom layers alone so my original color is in place, which, by the way, I am quite proud of because apparently my base color is perfection. I’m nervous about my roots growing in but when I return home to Texas in July I fully intend on going to see my precious Jenna to turn me back into my old self. I just don’t see myself as a full on “blonde.” I’m having issues dealing with it. Anyway, the color is beautiful and looks good so I can’t really complain right now.

I guess I should get into some deets of my life.

Is good… been at the salon a lot since my bosses are both in Hawaii. Boo. The good part? Getting more tips and hanging out with Katie, my awesome co-worker! The bad? Having to deal with my other co-worker. Ugh. I swear, I’m going to be a millionaire pretty soon soley on the basis that I have common sense, know how to work a computer, can run a credit card machine and have excellent communication skills. Oh yeah, and I’m not neurotic (not really, anyway). I’m also planning on hitting it big by creating a solution that immediately removes airbrush tan. It’s ridiculous how long this stuff adheres to your skin. I look like I have leprosy right now!!! And my base tan from home is long gone so I am in desperate need of some sun or a tanning bed.

By the way, I’d also probably be a millionaire if I opened a tanning salon out here. Do you know how much they charge?! For a month of tanning, it’s around the likes of $110, but it’s not unlimited – it’s like 20 tans. If I busted out a salon that was $60 a month unlimited, I’d be a gazillionaire. I should probably look into it.

Last night the roommates and I had a housewarming party! It was pretty fun. The theme was reality television, so we had the newly debuted “Realitinis,” took polaroids for the ANTM competition and had a video cam set up in the bathroom for confessionals. Oh yeah, and somehow I was deemed the Bachelorette (although I’m not single) and was in charge of giving out the infamous roses for the rose ceremony. There was no method to the madness. I was giving them away rapidly. But it was still a blast! After a late night Skype sesh with Stewart (who was dancing to Lady Gaga in Kanye glasses and a sombrero…) I called it a night. And thanks to my Mother who created this wonderful punch for me back in the day – it was great for the “Realitinis” and you could barely taste the vodka in them which was probably not the best thing. But it was a hit and I think you for that wonderful beverage.

It’s Father’s Day in case you people are living under a rock, so call your Dad, tell him “thank you” for putting up with your teenage shenanigans (we all had them), sending you to school, not killing the terrors you now refer to as ex-boyfriends*, and being the mediator when you and your Mom get into squabbles – my Dad is, at least – and then tell him you love him. Think of a funny memory you two have together. I will always remember how my Dad would sing about the “Easter Chicken” and his rendition of “Every light in the house is on, but nobody cares because Daddy pays the bills around here” in a valient effort to get my brother and myself to conserve energy. Or when I went through a period in third grade when I refused to brush my teeth and my dad told me he didn’t brush his teeth for 13 years and had to get all new fake teeth and the teeth I saw were all veneers. I believed that until I was 18 years old, thank you very much. I will remember when he sent me chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine’s Day my sophomore year of college because he sent them to my mom and didn’t want to leave me out and when he took me all around Disney World when I was six via his shoulders (lest not forget that on that same trip you ripped my tooth-from-hell out of my mouth while Mom restrained me). Dad, you can’t deny the fact that you get REALLY into Dancing With the Stars and I think that is awesome. I’ve said it before, but I’ll buy you a motorcycle when I get successful. I predict that will happen within the next 1 – 10 years. 😉 Love you very much baby Dadis.

If your Dad isn’t around, say a little prayer thanking him for the time he spent in your life. He’ll hear it!

Gotta get my airbrush on. Have a great Sunday!

*Subject to the boyfriend(s) being referred to

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One thought on “You look like a Yorkie

  1. Kirbie, dad and I thank you for your kind words of thanks and especially Daddy. He loves you more than words can say and never toots his own horn. He considered it his job as a father to love and take care of us all and does it with a happy heart! Glad the punch went over well! Love Mom!

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