From Good to Glorious

Happy Friday! Hope you all are getting through the workday as fast as possible. I just got to work, actually, about an hour ago. Oh airbrush tanning. I will tell my kids about the days I had to spray down nude people for tips.

Tomorrow night is our big house warming party. I’m really psyched about it, as our theme is “So You Think You’re America’s Next Surviving Bachelor: Los Angeles.” IF you can’t tell, it’s a reality-show themed extravaganza, complete with rose ceremonies AND confessionals (alcohol will be abundant and necessary). I decided the perfect addition to our party? A specialized drink, of course! “Realitinis” will make their debut!!! How presh is that? I want to make up a recipe for a spectacular drink with a little pizazz. Not sure what should be in it, although I think vodka is an obvious choice. Suggestions are welcome!

Anyone reading on Twitter? If so, it’s Follow Friday, and you should definitely follow @RogerClemens! He hasn’t tweeted much but he’ll be a twitter-star in no time.

You all must have been praying for me, because this week has been absolutely gorgeous! No clouds, no rain, no nothing. Clear skies, bright sun – everything I imagined sunny California to be like! Too bad I’ve had to work all week… I would have loved to have laid out at some point.

This is kind of random, but I want to write a book. Yes, add it to my list of everything else I want to do. I think I’m going to comprise a few drafts and then talk to my Mom about what I need to do to get published. I don’t claim to be an
acclaimed author or anything, but everyone has to start somewhere, right? I really just want to write and make people laugh, and I have some perfect stories just waiting to be released. If anyone knows what I should be doing to get myself in order regarding publishers, editors, etc., don’t hesistate to e-mail me:

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