Love the One Your With

Okay.  I don’t like to admit when I’m feeling down, but today I have.  I have been perpetually sick for the past five weeks.  It started as a cough and then it became what I like to refer to as “The Bailey,” a cough only to be distinguished by the fact that my friend Bailey had one similar sounding and now every time I hack away I am reminded of her (love you, Bails).  Now I have the worst sore throat of my life.  It’s only comparable to the time my freshman year of college that I made the same Bailey rush me to the hospital at midnight after I went to the health clinic at TCU only to be given PLACEBOS instead of antibiotics.  

I hate going to the doctor, mostly because I’m impatient and hate waiting.  But enough is enough and I booked myself an appointment for Thursday in hopes I can get some kind of closure with this long-term death wish type of relationship I have with my body.  I can’t handle it anymore and I’m getting really cranky about it.  I’m constantly fatigued and my head is pounding so much so that I pop ibuprofen like it’s my job, which is also odd because I never used to take it before.  Ever.  
I was kind of wondering what could be the issue, so of course I text Lindsey, my body’s resident nurse and diagnosis person.  She told me it was probably a virus and to drink a lot of OJ, or that I was pregnant and that I should know my options regarding that situation.  Thanks Linds, always looking out for me.
I’m also extremely stressed at the moment.  I’ve only been here two weeks, but I’m trying to figure out where I’m going to live once my time with Val & Ali ends, as well as how I might support myself when that happens.  I’m going to need a full-time job so I’m going to place all of that in God’s hands because I know he’ll take care of it.  I have my internship two days a week, and as much as some people would recommend I quit to find full-time work, I wouldn’t dream of doing that because I truly feel I’m assisting at Chic for a reason.  All I can do is actively explore my options and see what happens after my assistantship ends.  It’s hard not to fret about that stuff though.  
I am starting to miss my family, friends and Stewart a whole lot more than I suspected.  I knew it would be hard at first, but I didn’t think too much about it.  Living out here is a dream come true for me, but it’s also hard moving out here away from a majority of my close friends, my boyfriend, and my entire family.  I didn’t expect life to be a piece of cake out here, but I also didn’t think about my relationships as much as surviving and living on my own.  Things will get better after I start my internship and get more into a routine – right now more of me is wanting to start becoming busy 24/7 instead of having a ton of spare time on my hands.  Most of you know that during school I did the class thing but also was actively involved in several clubs as well as held a full-time job… so between all that, working out and seeing my friends and boyfriend, there wasn’t much time to do things like nap or lollygag around.
I am excited for this week.   Monday I intern, Tuesday I work, Wednesday intern AND I’m going to TCU alumni event at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Thursday I work, Friday I work my first event and then I plan on seeing The Hangover because The Hollywood Reporter is giving it rave reviews.   I’m hoping at some point I can get out to Lancaster to see Koby play ball.  Also, tomorrow I decided I’m going to the MTV Movie Awards.  I don’t know if I’ll get in but half the fun is standing outside with the crazies anyway.  Why not live a little?
Speaking of crazies, Michelle, Lauren and I traveled to Venice Beach today!  It was really fun.  We didn’t actually hit up the beach but just traveled the vendors area and it was just as expected: weird.  Tons of homeless people playing music and others selling “medical marijuana.”  We must have had eight people tell us “The Doctor was in” and pointed us to a place that literally was a door with the hand-painted words “Doctor’s Office” on it.  After that we went shopping on Hollywood Blvd. when we noticed there was a movie premiere going on.  It was for Land of the Lost and we got there just in time to see Will Ferrell and Randy Jackson walk the red carpet.  It was weird to see them… Randy is significantly shorter than expected and Will isn’t as tall as one may think.  He had an afro going on and was friendly with the fans and was acting like a major goofball.  This got me all excited because I always wanted to be able to see things like this go on and I finally had my first experience with one!  Now I just need to get IN to a premiere… we’ll see how that goes.
Anyway, I need to get some sleep!  Night everyone.

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