Work? What work?

You know those “Come to California” commercials?  You know the ones.  “We work with real characters.  TONS of board meetings…” blah blah blah.  Those could not be closer to the truth out here!  My internship is fabulous and work is phenomenal.  

I went into Chic yesterday before my actual start date.  Erika wanted me to come in because they were being filmed and wanted me to be in the office that day!  So I went in not expecting much but ended up having a blast!  I got there and Erika had me go get Starbucks.  Rachel notified me that I am not an “intern” but an “assistant” because that way I get more responsibility without being questioned.  Before I knew it, the camera crew was there and the host was ready to get started.  I thought I was going to be in the background but they actually interviewed both myself and the other assistant as well which made me feel like a true part of the Chic Events family 🙂  After the filming, Erika, Jasmine & I grabbed lunch down the street.  Erika is one I can only describe as basically being Cameron Diaz.  She looks like her (jealous!!!), she has a great sense of style, and she also has a fun sense of humor and seems like a girls’ girl and a guys’ gal.  It might sound like I’m in love with her… but really, she’s fabulous ands I can’t wait to get to work with her!  Rachel is equally as awesome – bubbly, a little intimidating when you first meet her (she IS the head honcho, after all), great fashion sense as well.  Her personality is illuminating and she appears to be pretty hilarious.  Overall I’m feeling pretty lucky.
After that I went home, took a nap (I’m still somewhat sick) and then Val convinced Ali and myself to go out.  We walked up to Bar Marmont which wasn’t too spectacular – maybe it was because it was Tuesday – but we did have a run in with Holly Montag, Heidi’s sister!  Val encountered her in the bathroom when comedy ensued.  Some Australian girl was talking about how she works for some “really big hair company” that she couldn’t actually disclose the name of to Holly.  PS – I HATE it when people are like “Oh, I know so-and-so” or “I hung out with ______” last night or anything boastful like that because if you really were friends with those people you wouldn’t be using their fame to make yourself feel/look better. Off of that soapbox.  But anyway, the Aussie girl was acting all high and mighty and asked Holly what she did for living and she mentioned she was on some series with her sister.  The Australian clearly did not know what The Hills was.  Finally Holly gave up and realized she wasn’t going to get anywhere, which good for her for not name dropping.  Clearly I knew her because duh, while I was maintaining my cool here I also keep my eyes peeled for celebrity eye candy.  I’m completely emersed in pop culture and although I’d love to some celebs I wouldn’t ever approach them because a) that’s weird and b) it’s inappropriate.  If you wouldn’t go up to a normal person in a bar and start asking to take a picture with them, then why would you do that to Zac Efron or Jessica Biel?  Not okay.  There’s a time and a place for that.  
Off of that soapbox now…
Today at work was awesome!  I love the girls I work with and we actually got airbrushed today.  We pretty much learned most of what we need to know, got airbrushed, sat in on a few sessions, went out for coffee and lunch and then lounged some more until we got to leave.  Life is so easy-breezy here, I love it!  I do think my determination and work ethic will give me an edge here though, so I don’t plan on losing that anytime soon.  (Not to say that the people here lack a work ethic – it’s just a LOT more laid back than Texas or New York).  
Anyway, next week Aunt Deb comes into town so I hope I get to see her.  I’m planning a trip home so hopefully that works out for the end of July.  The first event I get to work is next Friday, which will be a fashion show!  Apparently we’re down a few dressers so I get to dress the models.  Boys, I know you’re jealous. 

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