Brill-i-ant with my mill-i-ons

Yesterday was pretty chill.  Val and I woke up, made breakfast and went to the gym.  My new favorite breakfast meal is making egg whites with baby spinach mixed in and then putting a little bit of Salsa Verde on top.  It reminds me of Tex-Mex and is a great meal before a workout.  Before we left I got a little sassy with my Mom and one of my Aunts so I had to call to apologize because I always feel like crap when I get mad at my family.  I shouldn’t feel guilty but for some reason I always do!  So before we went to the gym I sat at Starbucks and chatted with my Aunt.  We just talked about life out here, how I’m feeling, if it’s questioned any of my integrity yet.  It’s weird out here because I’m so used to everyone in Texas being Christian – that’s the standard – but out here it’s almost a like “Oh, you’re a Christian?! Me too!”  That’s literally what one of the girls I worked with said to me on Friday after I mentioned I went to TCU.  It was so bizarre to me!  So many weird things here. 

As much as this place is pretentious, it’s also extremely laid back and the people are extra-friendly, something I was concerned about before.  It’s also beautiful.  I love looking up the hill and seeing the mansions Hollywood.  At night they glow and it’s amazing to me because I’m not used to that coming from the Texas flatlands.  🙂  Maybe one day I’ll own one!  Still haven’t been to the beach yet – I’m waiting for it to be at least 80 degrees so I can get my tan on.  
After our workout I showered because I was going into work at 4:00 until I got a call that my training has been moved because they got overloaded with spraytans!  So Val and I hung out and have been addicted to this Jon and Kate + Eight marathon on TLC.  It’s amusing in light of recent allegations that there has been infidelity in their relationship because Kate is totally OCD and if I was married to her I probably would have hauled butt a looong time ago.  Around 9:00 we decided to bake cookies so we scoured Sunset and Beverly Hills for a Ralph’s to get groceries.  We found one and it was a great way to explore the area too.  
As much as I miss Stu, it hasn’t been too devastating to our relationship thus far.  Granted I haven’t seen him for only a week but we do a good job of keeping the communication alive and I think Skype will help us tremendously.  He’s so presh… today he’s in OKC for Memorial Day and him and his friends are acting like a revived frat party (as usual).  We were on the phone earlier and someone was like “Stewart get off the phone!!!” and he’s like “Wait a minute, I’m talking to my BABIS!!!”  hahaha.  Funny how my language has infiltrated other people’s vocabulary.  
Work I feel is going to be great.  I can’t wait to officially be on the floor to get started!  I also am excited to start my internship.  On Friday, I got an e-mail from Erika (my coordinator) saying that Chic was filming for a reality TV segment and wanted me to be a part of the experience!  So I’m going in on Tuesday to get acquainted with everyone and see what the business has in store for me in the next few weeks!
Alright.  Off to enjoy the day.  
Hasta pasta,
Download Imma Be by the Black Eyed Peas and Don’t Stop Believing by the Glee cast!  They’re currently jams I’m going to be working out to.  

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