We’re going on a "break."

Dear Texas,
We can call this whatever you would like.  A “break.”  An “open relationship.” Whatever you call it, be sure that I still love you and you’ll always hold a special place in my heart.  It’s just that after being in a relationship for 22 years, I feel an itch to break free and see other… states.  I mean, I would never cheat on you.  You’re my heart and soul.  I have made many memories with you, lived in some of the best cities you have to offer.  You’re all I’ve ever known.  But the time has come to say “farewell!” for awhile so that I can explore those other options.
Don’t get me wrong, by “other” I don’t mean “better.”  I just need to see what else is out there, ya know?  And California has been wining and dining me for awhile.  It’s pretty stimulating and enticing, given it’s the only place that offers the opportunities I’ve been working so hard to reach. California is big!  It’s glitzy!  It’s diverse and it even has beach houses.  It also has a good friend named Vegas that is only a road trip away.
California likes to “shake” things up (on the richter scale, rather).  It’s fiery love is never to be denied.  It’s smoking hot (literally).  It allows me to use puns frequently and abundantly!  And I loooove puns!
But seriously, Texas, you have given me so much: a home, a family, wonderful friends (and a tres manificient bf, of course).  It will be hard to be away from these people, but I know they’re only plane ride away which is what keeps me so strong throughout all of this.  You have helped me to build a stable foundation and to dream, which I intend to share with those “crazy California people,” who lately seem to be people such as myself.  
I have free nights and weekends.  Call me.
Farewell and not good-bye,

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