Adios Fort Weezy…

Wow. What a week! It was tres stressful at the beginning, but then managed to turn into a non-stop party, and I ended up paying for it (big time). This is long… so let’s start with Monday two weeks ago:

I mentioned how my pupils were so enlarged it looked as if my eyeballs had permanent red-eye reduction. That was thanks for my lovely organized crime class. I studied all day and all night (and then another all day and all night) to end up spending three hours on the final. I didn’t intend it to be that way – another student and I actually waited around 45 minutes for the professor to stop yacking with some whack-job who was complaining about his grade. During my eaves-dropping on this convo, I got a little insight on what the class was really about:
– Not so much learning the material as memorizing it and regurgitating it all on the test
– You might write down verbatim what he says in class, but the professor can change his mind at any time to decide what is actually correct and what is not, regardless of if he said it or not, and regardless of the fact that he told us at the beginning of the semester that his lectures might as well be considered biblical text.
– Furthermore, I learned by reading the actual book that my professor actually doesn’t know a lot about organized crime; he misspells a lot of words and even uses them out of context.
Anyway, it was quite intriguing to learn all of this on the last day of class during a time I was supposed to be writing my final, when I ran out of paper and needed to get some. I was worried about my grade so after the final I had him sit down with me and go over why I did not so hot on the last test just for my own “personal benefit” (aka give me more points), where he not only ran rampant with red marker all over my exam but then proceeded to laugh at me and tell me what I wrote was “mistake of fact,” when the real fact of the matter was that everything I had written down was verbatim from my notes. He didn’t have a response except that I was still wrong (thus meaning he was wrong?).
So I ended up crying like an idiot (stressed much?) and I think he might of given me some sympathy because when my grade was posted he not only gave me the grade I needed, but in fact two letter grades higher than necessary. Thank you very much. I’m not an advocate of crying to professors because I think that is quite foolish, but sometimes you’re desperate and you’ll need to what’s necessary.
After that I spent a whopping three hours studying for my American Lit test. I got an A in the course which truly is a miracle because I didn’t manage to read the last two books and I feel as if I wrote the crappiest of craptastic essays for my final. Maybe my crappiest work happens to not be that crappy at all.
Then it was PARTY TIME! Tuesday night was Cinco de Drinko, and although I did have a few bevs it wasn’t anything for the record books. Me and some gal pals had a marg and then went to Boomerjacks where I decided we needed to leave stat. That ended up not happening but we did make our way to The Moon, a place I loathe with all my heart and soul, yet managed to have a good time debating about which chicken nuggets are better: Wendy’s, McDonald’s or Chick-fil-a (I grew up on Wendy’s so they are my top choice, duh).
Wednesday was Senior Toast. As a class, we got a parting gift of a free fajita dinner and margs and then a ton of door prizes. I won the oh-so-classy purple collegiate shades, when I should have won the Southwest gift certificate because I could use a free trip at some point. After that I headed to Snookies for the 2nd time in my college life and proceeded to be what some could consider sexually harassed by a man on the dance floor. I will admit he had great dance moves but I’m not really down for grinding, especially when I don’t know the person (unless it’s Justin Timberlake or the hottie from Star Trek). There are some pretty priceless photos of me standing like a dead fish while the guy gets his freak on.
Thursday was my last day of work. It was a little bittersweet – I’m so excited to just relax and do a lot of nothing until I move, but I will miss the people I worked with. Laura, one of the massage therapists, gave me a card which everyone signed and they all chipped in to get my a Starbucks gift card, my fav! It’s nice to know I made some kind of impact on their lives, enough so that they would even think of doing something like that for me. I love you ladies!
Friday was absolutely insane. I got up and went to my nail appointment while my mom traveled into town. I had a few other appointments to tend to, and when I arrived back home she was there. She told me she had a surprise, which just so happened to be our good friend Hope!!! She traveled all the way from NYC for my graduation. I was stunned because she had told me a few months ago she had a huge work thing to be at this past weekend so she wouldn’t be able to make it. It was an awesome surprise and since surprises are my favorite it made it even better! The only problem was that I was surprising my mom with a massage for Mother’s Day and had booked us appointments but wasn’t aware Hope would be in town. She was a trooper though and waited while Mom and I got massages – much needed, by the way. Somehow in the mix we managed to go take pics with my pledge class in front of the Theta house which was sad because that will be the last time in awhile I’ll step foot in the Thouse. 😦 So many memories there. However, during our photo shoot I got a in my foot, so when we arrived to Mom’s and Hope’s hotel I was limping around like an idiot. Mom kept trying to get me to go with her to Hope’s room and the whole time I was telling her I wasn’t going up the stairs because of my foot. She was getting real pissy with me and told me I had to go upstairs so I was basically griping my way up when we got to “Hope’s” room. Turns out we weren’t at Hope’s room, but our other friend from NYC, JP’s room!!!! Mom got me again! JP told me he couldn’t come because Ally, his wife had finals and they couldn’t get away. I was so sad but he came even though Ally had to stay (we missed you Ally!). It humbled me knowing that I have such loving people around me who love me enough to travel down to Texas for two days just to see me graduate.
Anyway graduation was as expected: boring and long. I even forgot the one things that we absolutely had to have before we could walk – our graduation number – on my chair but obviously that didn’t affect me graduating. Of course my family was screaming like maniacs (there were about 20 of them), so much so that the Chancellor even commented on it. “Must have a large fan base, huh?” Yes sir, indeed.
Now it’s a day before I go back to Georgetown to get settled and say goodbye to the family before Dad and I drive out. I’m at Stu’s and although I’m enjoying our time together I’m absolutely dreading tomorrow at noon when I have to say goodbye. I think he might have planned a little romantical night for us as a goodbye gift so I’ll be sure to let you all know. 🙂
Love ya Fort Worth, I’m out!!!

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