Take the hint?

I recently told my boss here at the salon that I’m moving. He’s thrilled, but the thought of having to hire another person is somewhat nauseating. We had just gotten settled with a great team after a few months of harsh turn-around, and let me tell you, when I say harsh, I mean harsh.

This one woman has applied, oh, I don’t know, let’s say 16 times. She came in when I first started here for an airbrush tan and I did a great job on her. She was very satisfied with the results and gave us a glowing recommendation – she even bought two airbrushes for $45 during a promotion we had because she enjoyed it so much. So it was much to our surprise when she gave me a phone call a month later complaining that she had an allegic reaction to the solution and wanted a refund on her money.

As company policy, we don’t give refunds. Store credit? Yes. Refund? No. She wasn’t having it, so after insulting and berating me with foul language, she asked to speak to the manager.

“I am the manager, mam.”
“No you’re not, you stupid ____.”
“Mam, I’m not sure what else you’d like me to say. I am suggesting to you all we have to offer.”
“I want to talk to the MANAGER!!!”
“Mam, if you’d like to talk to someone other than myself, that would be the owner. He is not in the office today, and I can send you to his voicemail if you’d prefer.”
“See. I told you you weren’t the manager. I’ll take his voicemail.”

After a few more harassing phone calls, we ended up just giving her the $10 to shut her up. Because honestly, you need to learn what battles to fight in and which ones to surrender.

Fast forward: we’re in need of more people on staff now and she’s applied yet again. As you can see, I am *rushing* to hire her, because I love having maniacs on staff. Look, you can act like a ravaging animal and I’ll probably give you a second chance, given the circumstance. But something I’m a stickler for is business ettiquette. First of all, you don’t disclose why you left a business unless asked, and putting it on your resume is not fundamental (some might even say it’s detrimental…). It’s just not appropriate. Furthermore, don’t tell us you were pissed off at your boss and mad about the paycheck you were receiving as one of your reasons. Second, last time I checked, the objective should not be more than a sentence. Citing a full paragraph of your dreams and aspirations is not effective when you can concisely say it in one grammatically correct sentence. Not to mention a resume needs to be limited to one page. I don’t want to read five pages of B.S.

And lastly, if the ad says “No phone calls,” DON’T CALL. I will literally ask for the name of the person calling and throw out the resume. If you can’t follow directions when applying, how am I to expect that you’ll follow directions on the job? It’s common sense.

I know this might seem a little like I need to pop a Xanex and calm down. But I get really irritated when people shoot themselves in the foot due to a bad cover letter or resume. I mean, if you’re going to an interview, you wouldn’t walk in with a stain on your shirt or curse in front of the interviewer because that’s just inappropriate, so how is a typo in a cover letter or a six-page-long resume any different? Both aren’t appropriate and show you have little discretion for what you’re doing.

I hope this manages to help someone out. Expect another post soon — I promise it won’t be a lecture of any kind 🙂


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One thought on “Take the hint?

  1. That’s a great story. I have a quick one.Years ago I was interviewing people for positions at the company I managed. One part of the interview was a 5 minute, 20 question math quiz.I asked this one guy if he had read the instructions and understood. He said yes.After 5 minutes I went over, told him time was up and picked up the quiz paper.He grabbed it back from me and yelled “no way! It’s 20 minutes!”I nicely took the paper back and showed him on the top in the instructions where it said 5 minutes.Don’t let the door hit your butt on the way out pal.Tim

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