Rant time!

The other day I was talking to someone from OU and they were describing to me their public relations program.  Dang, it sounded AWESOME.  Classes specifically tailored to PR.  Not AD/PR, just PR.  

I am begging you, College of Communication/Schieffer School:  Release the advertising from the public relations.  I beg of you.  There are some better things that could be done to enhance our degrees.  When I started here, I wanted my emphasis to be in PR; now I feel I’ve been subconsciously berated to engage myself in advertising.  Hence the various advertising internships I’ve taken.  Plus, I hate to say this… but where will advertising be in 10 years?  It might be extinct for all we know.  Design will be around.  Branding will be around.  Account service will be around.  Actual media placement?  I don’t see it going very strong (sorry!).  
Advertising and PR are separate entities.  Though they work hand in hand, these concentrations need to be separate in order to get the detailed and specific education we’re paying for.  Which, how much is it now?  (Don’t get me started on my thoughts about instating a Grandfather clause).  
PR can be a part of journalism, but incorporate some additional classes!  Like Sports PR, Entertainment PR, Damage Control, etc.  Break down advertising into two sectors: design and account service.  The account service side should be a part of a marketing program that incorporates general advertising principles.  Design should be featured in the GRAPHIC DESIGN program (hello!!!) because duh, you’re not going to become an art director or designer just by taking Information Graphics.  There are actual design students in Moudy North that work their butts off to a) stay a part of the program – it’s very selective, and b) specialize in design!  They learn everything: how to create product packaging, effective design and typography, etc.  
Seriously, I am considering writing a proposal for this.  It’s ridiculous.  Keeping advertising and public relations as the same major is like saying broadcast journalism and public relations are interchangeable.  Point being? They’re not! Duh!
I know I could get some backing on this from my advisor(s).  If SMU can evolve (see their Temerlin Advertising Institute), we can too!
If you’ve read all of my blogs, you might think I have a bitter hatred towards advertising.  True, I kind of admonish it.  But that’s where my education lies.  I have a very broad spectrum of knowledge, which I feel will help me in the future, but if I could go back in time, I wish I had a specialization I was focused on 24/7.  Maybe that way I wouldn’t feel so lost as to what jobs I should be applying for.  
I’m out!

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