Valentina Mitzkat

I had this friend in middle school through high school. We’d perform in musicals together, act together, psychotically and obsessively swoon over Josh Hartnett together. We both had mutual enemies, most of them being dumb boys who felt the need to antagonize us through our lives.
Valentina was different then most others. While other people acted, performed, sang, wrote, she did these things, but she did them well. If fact, she did them better than everyone else.

So junior year, she bid us all adieu and peaced the eff out. Where to? I honestly could not tell you. I think it’s a performance school in the Northeast. But somehow, someway, little old Valentina, who’s mom used to host our purity retreats, who always caught the lead in the school plays, who even made me feel like I had a good singing voice (that’s a true actress right there), is now on her way to being a super star! She is no longer the same “Valen.” Singing “intelli-pop” songs with the help of producers such as The Matrix and Tony from No Doubt, she beats out most of your friends who have great voices and like to sing. I promise. She’s better.

I love music, and I’m not just saying this because I know her: this girl rocks. I finally got a copy of one of her songs, “Like I’m Losing,” and it’s THE JAM. Follow her on Twitter (mitzkat) or go to her tumblr @ She’s witty and funny, so it’s a good read. She also has a myspace page too – look her up!

I like to support people with talent… so get your friends to follow me so I can get a good following and then we can all help each other out! I’m currently following a friend’s friend, Cole. He’s out in Cali for acting and I think he’s going to hit it big!


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