I don’t see the harm so are you game

Brit Brit’s bringing the heat with her new single! I got Val to hi-jack the file for me since it isn’t on iTunes yet and I’m so PSYCHED! Don’t worry, I totally plan on buying it but for now I need to feed my hunger to play it on repeat 800 times today.

It’s called “3.”
And, not shockingly, it’s about… well, loving in threes if you get my drift.
Val and I keep making up new versions of it:
“1, 2, 3, Peter Paul Mary
4, 28, 87, I’m in Heaven
in-fin-it-y, is that even a number?”
Yet it’s very catchy and it actually reminds me a little bit of “Brave New Girl” off her third album, Britney. This is the first song that I’ve actually loved since “Piece of Meback in ’07.
I’m working on getting the track up here. For now just search the internets for it!