Most of you know that I’m a fanatic about beauty products and services.  I’ve worked at several salons and I also write a beauty column on  I must admit, I was spoiled for a good year and a half — I had free hair services whenever I wanted: cuts, highlights, treatments.  Now that I’m working the corporate circuit, I haven’t had my hair done in FIVE MONTHS.

Many reasons are attributed to this:

  • I’ve really had a hard time finding a colorist that synchs with what I want since I left Texas.  They all have done a great job, but they never give me what I ask for
  • It’s bloody expensive
  • I haven’t had the time
  • It’s bloody expensive
  • The new “in” thing is looking rooty and having two-tone hair, and since people compliment me on it all the time I feel like I should just leave it alone
  • It’s bloody expensive, like, close to $300 for partial highlights expensive

At home, I had a great chick that worked with Aveda color.  I went to her on a whim and asked her to make my hair blonder, but natural looking.  If you haven’t tried an Aveda concept salon, I highly recommend it.  Their color is beyond amazing.  Anyway, she used four different tones of blonde to get my hair looking great and it was only $75 every eight weeks!!!  People, that is a bargain!  Needless to say I’ve been spoiled.

So last night, after deciding I can’t do this look anymore, I got online and searched for “beauty deals” which brought me to th subject of this post, LifeBooker.  It’s an online booking system (only in New York and Los Angeles currently) that provides essentially yellow page listings for salons and spas around your city.  The best part?  You can grab some really super deals if you decide to book online, like $81 highlights at a Beverly Hills hair salon, instead of $200.

Membership is free and it allows you to search for the best services in your area, including body treatments, massage, and hair and nail services.  Also, if you use LifeBooker and then give a review, you’ll get cash discoutns on future services!

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