Another Hollywood Affair

Question: is there anyone not cheating on their partner in Hollywood?  It’s truly appauling.  As much as I like giving people the benefit of the doubt, I’m learning that usually a lot of what you hear about Hollywood is true, unfortunately.

As much as I’d like to believe my precious Justin Timberlake is a stand-up boy from Tennessee, who writes love ballads, supports Shriner’s and is best friends with Ellen, I’m wondering if he’s actually a sleezeball who confesses he took Britney Spears’ virginity on SNL, sings about having “Sexy Ladies,” writes songs of revenge and cheats on his girlfriend because he doesn’t have the balls to break up with her.

Yes, the latest tabloid gossip is that JT is cheating on Biel (yet again) with OU alum and Daily Show correspondant Olivia Munn.  I’m not one to judge people on looks, but you have to be a crack whore to cheat on Jessica Biel. 

But I’m not surprised.  Justin has women throwing themselves at him, and it takes dignity and character to get through all that and maintain committed to a relationship.  Does Justin have those characteristics?  I don’t know, I don’t know him personally, but if he’s been affected like all the other guys in this town who are successful and attractive, I’d venturing towards “no.” 

I mean, I’ve had guys here tell me, verbatim, that it’s not cheating if they aren’t married.  Oh really?  Must be nice living a life of mediocrity, guys, but if you’re looking for a real catch of a woman, you’re going to have to commit to us before putting the ring on our finger… gotta prove the real estate is worth the down payment. 

So men in Hollywood (and all over the world) are cheating on some of the most beautiful and classy women the world has to find: Ryan (allegedly) on Reese, Brad on Jen; I mean, even Pricess Diana had rumors that Prince Charles was cheating — AND SHE WAS AS PRINCESS.  And Kim Kardashian called out Reggie Bush for allegedly texting with another woman while they were together.

Guys, just stop it.  You know better!  If things are starting to dwindle with your woman, have some gumption and break up. And you know good and well that texting flirtaciously with another girl (that includes social media as well) while you’re in a relationship is wrong, wrong, wrong.  If you’re talking about  dating/”doing”/what-have-you with someone who isn’t your girlfriend to your friends, it’s crossing the line and it’s time for you to end things.  I’m not saying you can’t look and comment on how attractive someone is, but if you’re doing something or saying things that you’d feel uncomfortable talking to your girlfriend about, it’s not okay.

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