Prayer request

Everyone please pray for my brother’s friend and teammate, Ragan Pope.  Yesterday he injured himself pretty badly at baseball practice and broke his leg in two places when another player slid into him.  I know that it was probably pretty hard for his friends to witness a something like that, and especially hard for his parents to see their child injured and unable to do anything about it.  I’m sure the teammate who slid into him probably has a lot on his mind… unfortunately, that is a part of the game and it was simply an accident.

I know Nick is personally a little shaken up about it, given he hasn’t seen an injury like that in his 18 years.

I do not know the family personally, but please pray for their peace of mind.  Please pray for a speedy recovery for Ragan and help to ease the hearts of the boys who where involved and everyone who had to see something that can be as devastating as that.

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