Hockey and the Chilean Miners = emotional uproar for moi

I really want to go to a LA Kings game this year, especially since I’ve never attended an NHL game before.  Just like any sport, I get online and research the heck out of it.  I want to know anything and everything about it.  I was researching the Kings and for whatever reason decided to take a gander at the Coyotes in Phoenix.  Arizona is my neighbor after all.  Gotta know what’s out there before committing to a team, right?

After finding out the team was pretty desolate after going through bankruptcy proceedings and coach Wayne Gretzky decided to peace out, I learned the team took a turn for the better and qualified for the playoffs this year.  Sounds nice enough.  However, in the research process, I found an article about left wing Taylor Pyatt.  His fiance passed away last April in a tragic car accident in Jamaica, just a few short months before they were to be married.  They new each other 11 years.  I found this YouTube video about it and it brought me to tears.  The poor guy’s face breaks my heart.  You can tell he is hurting… but I found it so admirable that he was willing to discuss it in an interview.  God is definitely watching over him and I hope that he can find some peace about his loss soon.  I can only imagine going though something as tragic as that.

With this whole Chilean miner rescue going on and now reading this, I am officially an emotional basketcase.  So happy for those miners — what strong willed and faithful people they have to be, sitting underground for 68 days, not knowing what was going to happen, and then having to be crammed in a tiny pod and hoisted up to the surface for 15 minutes.  I would have been claustrophobic and a total mess!  It’s so amazing how strong the human spirit is.

My condolences go out to the Pyatts’ and the fiance’s family (her name was Carly)… such a terrible loss to endure.  Tell the people you love that you love them!  One day you might not be able to.  To my family and friends, I know I don’t say it all the time but I love you all so, so much (seriously, you all have no idea).

Here’s the video in case you watch to watch it.

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