Ain’t nobody rip it like me K to the I-R-B-I-E

I haven’t done a #musicmonday in awhile, so here are my picks for this week!


  • Check It Out by Will.I.Am featuring Nicki Minaj
    • Sweet corn on the COB!!!! I heard this on Saturday night when I was out to drinks and dessert with a friend.  We both started bobbing our heads when this song came on… we both recognized the sample from “Video Killed the Radio Star.”  I don’t have Shazaam so I was SOL trying to figure out who the artist was.  It was rather loud and we knew it wasn’t Akon or Timbaland, however we both recognized Nicki’s voice (her verse kills it).  Cue me endlessly searching the internet.  After 24 hours of research I finally found it!  I am going to be playing this song on repeat on the tred at the gym this week… and it makes me want to party.
  • La La La by Auburn
    • Not sure if I already mentioned this song, but it’s another track that’s equally wonderful for the gym or the dance floor.  I think it’s the auto-tune that I love so much.  PS: where you at, T-Pain?!
  • Here I Come by Fergie featuring Will.I.Am
    • Another sampled song, but I love sampled tracks!  I know one could argue it takes the originality out of the song, but I dig it.  I also enjoy that Fergie is rapping.  A great “feel good” song if I do say so myself.  (Blog title courtesy of Feraglicious herself)
  • I’m Your Baby Tonight by Whitney Houston
    • Oh girl.  This is Whitney at her finest, before Bobby and crack.  I swear that growing up the only music I was exposed to was Whit, Miss Jackson if you’re nasty and Salt ‘N Pepa.  Speaks lengths about my personality.
  • Place in this World by Michael W. Smith
    • This isn’t a “party” jam per se, but it is a JAM.  I love blasting this one in the car or when I’m ending my work out and stretching out the limbs.  On a personal note, a lot of us can relate to it.

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