The Social Network

I saw this movie last night and I thought it was very thought-provoking and well-executed.  It’s true, there should be some major Oscar buzz surrounding this flick.

However, I was nervous WRECK the whole movie.  No idea why, I was just perpetually nervous for Mark Zuckerberg.  I found it very ironic and heartbreaking that while Eduardo, CFO and co-founder of Facebook, and most notably Mark’s ex-best friend, was filing his own lawsuit against the billionaire, that he was also testifying for Mark against the brothers Winklevi (or the Winklevoss twins).

Interesting fact on the Winklevoss Twins: I was under the impression it was a Lindsay Lohan type ordeal, a la The Parent Trap, however, while one actor (Armie Hammer) portrayed both twins, another actor played them from the shoulders down.  Then the crew worked and morphed the two actors faces together.  Cool right?

I was torn the whole movie as to who I was supposed to support.  Frankly, I am terrified of Mark Zuckerberg, regardless of the fact that the movie was a “rough depiction” of what happened.  He appeared to be a scary, scary man.  Mark, clearly a genius, came up with a once-in-a-generation idea.  That deserves some major props.  But then you see what happens between himself and Eduardo and you rethink even having a Facebook.  When you figure out how Facebook progressed after FaceMash and the drunken blogging incident, you start to wonder why you’re making a pompous anus the youngest billionaire in the world.  Yet you empathize with him at parts (like I did).

Now, I know what you’re thinking:  what about Curly McTimberlake?  Yes, my beloved Justin was in this movie.  But I am not a fan of Justin’s acting.  As someone who has seen him in movie after movie, I get irritated with him.  Why?  He does the Paris Hilton.  You know what I’m talking about: her voice is actually like four octaves lower than how she talks sometimes.  Khloe Kardashian does the same thing when she’s around her husband.  Justin does this thing with his voice that makes it sound… higher?  Yeah, I guess that’s what he does.  It sounds as if he’s trying to pull the ‘innocent’ act.  The kicker is that since Sean Parker was a skeezy pedophile with an agenda, it all worked out.  Then I got to wondering if Justin was putting on a great performance or if he was just acting normal, and it seemed to apply to Sean’s character.  I think he did the part justice.

It was humorous and heartbreaking and it definitely sparked my interest to come home and research the whole story.  Sorry, but Mark’s LiveJournal, Zuckonit, isn’t up anymore, so you can’t read the drunken blog posts (I’ve already tried to find them).

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3 thoughts on “The Social Network

  1. I love your commentary on the SN. I loved the movie too. And, of course, came home to research it! Even it if is over dramatized or not quite on par with the true story, it was a great flick. And for the first time in a long time I thought JT looked so hot! I thought his acting job was pretty stellar. I think he nailed the character!

  2. For more research, I have to recommend the booksThe Accident Billionaire – Ben Mezrich (which the movie was based on)andThe Facebook Effect – David KirkpatrickBoth are really interesting reads about the whole Facebook phenom.

  3. Thanks Bec! I have actually been interested in The Accidental Billionaire… need to download that soon. I will check out The Facebook Effect as well!I appreciate the feedback Kendall! Thanks for always reading 🙂

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