So these are the keys to happiness?

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According to, well, I have no idea, these things determine how happy a person is.  I read this on the Bobby Bones Show recap (Austin represent!). Let’s see how I fare:

Sleep = Six hours and 15 minutes

I’m a grandma, so I’m tucked in by 10:30 every night.  I might spend another 30 minutes thinking or watching TV… so that puts me at 11:00.  I wake up usually by 7:00.  Around eight hours, not bad!  I wonder if I’d be happier if I got exactly six hours and 15 minutes of sleep.

Commute to work = 20 minutes or less
I’m not kidding, I didn’t apply for jobs that weren’t less than a 20 minute commute for me.  It takes me about 15 minutes with traffic to get to work everyday (score)!

Home cooked meals = Five a week
Well, I epically fail at this one.  We still don’t have our gas turned on, therefore I can’t utilize the stove.  I have been using those steamer Ziploc bags to cook veggies, but it’s not the same.  I did buy a crocpot (makes me sick just thinking about it) so I think tonight I’ll try a slowcooker recipe for tomorrow’s dinner. 

Exercise a week = Two hours and 45 minutes
I get to the gym at least five times a week (I’m not showing off, promise).  This reminds of me Legally Blonde: “Excercise releases endorphins, endorphins make you happy, and happy people don’t kill their husbands.  They just don’t!” 

Being outside a week = Two hours
This is interesting.  I don’t know if they mean like playing a sport or just being outside, but I walk to the gym on the weekends and always walk to lunch.  It is refreshing getting out of confinement for awhile and enjoying fresh air.  Plus, it’s always nice to hit up the beach and relax.  I need to do that more often

Watching tv per night = Two hours
Solid.  Most shows I watch are at least an hour (Glee, Modern Family, Grey’s) and then I’m always falling asleep to E! News and Chelsea Lately.

Weekend breaks = Three hours
What does this even mean?  Isn’t the weekend a break?  Are they referring to a mini-vacation?  Do pedicures count?  What about hair appointments or shopping?  Would you include an hour of cardio in this?  I don’t know.  I get at least 48 hours for the weekend so I guess I’m covered.

Hours at work = Seven
I work 8.5 and that’s because it’s necessary.  Gotta get that overtime!

Shopping trips a month = Four
Haha, I’ll admit, I have gone on THREE this month!  But I only bought something on one trip.  Sometimes I just like to go to the mall and realize that I don’t need anything so I can remind myself that I have will power and that clothes are not going to make me happy (although they help at times).

Getting home from work = 5:42 p.m. or before it
5:42?  That’s interesting.  I’m wondering if this research was done specifically for me, because I was born at 5:42 p.m.!  Dun dun dun.  But I will never get home that early, unless I get off at 4:00.  I run a bunch of errands after work. 

I guess I should be pretty happy, according to this research.  And I am.  I don’t have anything to complain about and I have a job, I get a decent amount of sleep,  and I take time for myself.  What’s ironic is that “companionship” isn’t on here!  I would think that interaction with other people would be huge, but apparently it’s not.

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