Happy October!

Regina George, a hillbilly, and Starsky in the background

YES!  Finally, my favorite month of the year.  No, my birthday isn’t this month.  But I absolutely love October and all that comes with it: cooler weather, football, the World Series, basketball, haunted houses, scary movies, and of course Halloween.

I have so many found memories in this month… I think the reason why I love it even more than I did before is because it reminds me of home.  I miss Texas terribly (yes, I’m admitting it: I’m lonely out here in Cali).  While it’s a world of whimsy and wonder out here, and I know this is where I’m supposed to be, I miss my family and my friends.  I guess this is one way of finding some comfort.

I’ve already decked out the house and I can’t wait to decorate the office!

Hope everyone has a great month, great Friday, and a fun (and safe) weekend!

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