Walking in Confidence: Part III — His Plan

In Him we were chosen, having been predestined according to
His plan who works out everything in conformity with the
purpose of His will.
Ephesians 1:11
Growing up, we all learn to make plans and to prepare.  We prepare for tests by studying, we prepare for games by practicing.  But notice we spend this time preparing for the worst.  When we study, we study with the intention of not getting a bad grade.  When we practice, we’re preparing to make sure we don’t lose the game, or at least say we tried our best.
So when are we going to start preparing for the best
Many of us are going through transitions right now at this phase in our life.  Change is scary to most people (the fear of the unknown, as we discussed in Part II).  When things happen in our lives that we cannot explain, we want answers and reasoning; in a bad situation, we tend to dwell. 
But God doesn’t do anything without purpose.  He has a very divine plan for each of us, forulated specifically to us and nobody else.  He doesn’t want us to dwell, he wants us to excel!
Remember that time you didn’t know why you couldn’t land that job you really wanted?  Or how about why someone you cared about didn’t reciprocate the same feelings as you?  Trust me, I’ve been there before, and it’s hard.  Those things hurt.  The first thing you usually think is “why am I not good enough?”  But I want to encourage you as someone who has gone through the same things:  God knows you are better than you could ever imagine you are.  He wants to give you the desires of your heart and then some!  It might not be according to your plan, but it will be according to His.  He wants to prepare you for the best.
Unfortunately, getting to the best takes some lessons learned.  It takes removing all need for reason and giving 100% trust to your faith.  It also means letting God be the one in control.  He isn’t going to force you into anything… if you are determined to make things go your way, when he is clearly giving you red flags, putting up road blocks, doing everything he can to get your attention, he will let you try to proceed in your own ways, but you’ll find that it’s not going to go very well.  Remember, his plan, not yours.  I can think of so many instances where I kept trying to push things to happen when they clearly were not supposed to be happening.  Every time, I would end up in the end place thinking to myself, “Why did I take it this far?  Why didn’t I let things be?  Why am I here right now?”  I knew why: because I wasn’t listening to the big man upstairs.
God is a parent.  He watches over us.  He wants to guide and advise and he wants only the best for us.  Nothing bad, only the best.  However, much like our own parents, He knows sometimes we’ve got to experience and go through things for ourselves before we’ll realize He is right.  He’ll always provide, always be there and always lend a helping hand or shoulder to cry on, but He also wants us to trust Him.  This gets easier as we grow into adulthood, because we’ve learned from the past.
If I can get one point across, it’s don’t view a situation you’re unhappy with as a failure.  See it as God’s way of parenting us, paving the stready path you’re supposed to follow.  If we got everything we wanted when we wanted it, we wouldn’t have an appreciation for it like we would if we had to wait and work for it.  Kind of like an allowance: we’re got to work hard to get that benefit.  Or, compare it to, say, being grounded.  When we do something that’s not in God’s plan, it sets us back.  Being grounded allows us to reflect on the situation, what we did, and how we can move forward positively. 
I know relationships at this time in our life take some energy.  I think most of us want stability, and having another person to share it with seems to make it easier, whether that be a close friend or significant other.  These people tend to come and go, but rest assured that God’s plan allows for the ones meant to be in your life will stick, regardless of the situation or circumstance.  The others were brought, with reason, into your life to teach you something. There’s really no negative at all to this process!
See?  It’s all lessons learned. 
I like to think of life as a big test.  God tests us on everything!  I’m serious.  He truly does want to give us the desires of our heart, but he’s not going to hand it right over.  He wants to make sure we’re prepared so when we are blessed or encounter a situation we weren’t expecting, we know how to accept it or overcome it. 
It’s when we think we know it all that things get out-of-hand.  That gets into humililty, which I want to discuss in a later post.  But isn’t it funny?  When we try to grasp something and take control, it’s then that it falls out of our hands.  Let go and let God do his thing.  We might be adults, but we don’t know anything. 
What I’m trying to say is that I take solace in knowing that every event in my life, big or small, is all being layed out by God’s hands. It doesn’t make things easier, but at least it offers peace and comfort.  And that goes for your life too.   He makes my life a priority.  He makes your life a priority!  He cares about your worries, your fears, and your dreams.  There is a big ol’ plan waiting for you to live out, so be inspired and enjoy the ride!
Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.
1st Peter 5:7

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