Here goes nothing

Listen, I’m not qualified at all to be giving advice.  I didn’t go to school for that.  But God teaches us that if he has willed us to do something, there is no amount of education that can be a barrier between you and your best life.

So, as I was sitting on my floor, after minimal sleep (it was literally 100 degrees in my apartment all last night),  I thought to myself, “I enjoy listening to sermons and podcasts and reiterating what the message is, so why don’t I spread my own message?”  Today there are plenty of wise, strong-willed Christians teaching the word.  However, it’s rare to find someone your own age (ahem, in their 20s) who talks about things as they go through them.  We always hear about the past, which we definitely learn from, but what about when you’re actually going through something?

Well, here goes nothing.  I figure I might as well share some of what I am going through as an early adult.  Hopefully it will be able to help at least one person.  I want to post at least once a day, or at least a few times a week, regarding matters of the heart and spirit.

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