Don’t you worry about me

YES!  I could not be more thrilled that Carrie Underwood Fisher’s new single is “Mama’s Song.”  Like I mentioned in a few music posts ago, I heard this song on Pandora one day and it couldn’t have been better.  It really lifted my spirits and made me happy.

While I’m glad she made a video for it, I can’t help to be a little sad… everyone is going to use this song now at some point during their wedding, when I already was planning on using it in my wedding video.  Womp womp.  Yeah, I’m apparently planning my non-existant future wedding.  #lame #agirlcandream 

Basically, this is my way of telling me friends to “step off” the song.  Not like you guys would want to use it, but if you do… it’s going to be a problem.  And that’s why you all love me, because I get territorial over Carrie Underwood.  Actually, don’t you worry, I already have a slew of other Carrie songs I can use.

PS: I shed a few tears… you will too.
PPS: Yes, I know it reads “me friends” in that last paragraph, but it made me laugh so hard that I decided to keep it.  Sounds kind of like an Irish gangster or something.

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