The job

Many of mis amigas have been asking me about what’s going on in my life and how the job is going.  You all have also been wondering “where are all the celebrity posts?”  Everyone calm down… too be honest, my sightings have been few and far-between as of late!  But I do have a few things to report.

The job is going well.  To be honest,  this isn’t my “dream job,” but I don’t know any 23-year-old that is exactly where they want to be.  I’m ambitious so naturally my dream is way the heck up there.  It’s going to take some time.  I’m taking my first second third step towards that dream, however, when I start my hosting classes in October!  I was referred through an agent my fairy godfather at the office (honestly, I have to save this story for my book because it’s completely ridiculous and amazing) to a woman who conducts classes here for entertainment professionals who are looking to start their on-camera career.  I’m stoked because while I have the journalism background part of it down, I don’t have the on-camera experience (no, CSI for four seconds doesn’t count).

I was going to start taking a Fiction writing class at UCLA in October as well, however that requires money!  This past month I was blessed with some financial reprieve, so I’m saving up to start class in January.  Why am I taking writing classes, you ask?  Well, clearly I love to write and while I feel comfortable penning personal stories, I’m not clear on how I should go about writing a fiction manuscript.  I have a really unique (and interesting if I might add) concept for a chick-lit novel, but I need structure: how am I going to write each chapter?  How do I construct the characters?  Will I write it in sequence?  Out of sequence?  I want to have the thing Grade A before I send it off to the literary agent I’ve been talking to.

Right now it’s a lot of patience.  I’ve been reading a ton so I can see how the best writers surprise and delight their readers.  I’m anxiously awaiting these classes; to be honest I’m terrified.  However, I figure I must be doing something right if I’m getting out of my comfort zone.  I love hosting events and publicity, which is why it’s odd that I’ve been nervous about the on-camera class.  I think it’s because I have no idea what to expect!  Only the best, I guess!

As far at the firm, I’ve been learning a lot about the entertainment business.  A lot of it is really insightful; some of it is a little sad.  My boss calls me ‘Rookie’ because I’m “from Texas” and he says that I have a good soul, that I see the best in everyone and that I want to do good.  He also says I will fail miserably in the industry if I don’t step it up.  However, I don’t believe you have to be cut-throat to be successful.  Heck, that’s half of my schtick: I want to do well by doing well towards others.

Now for the celebrity sightings:


Donny Osmond
My mom freaks out every time I mention that I see Donny.  “He was like my Justin Timberlake!”  He looks spectacular and is really nice.


The Hoff
Yes, The Hoff himself.  After giving him directions, I got to meet him and he was THE HOFF.  No other way to explain it.


Jeanine Mason
My friend, Alberti, invited me to coffee one night last week.  As we got to talking, he mentioned he had this thing he had to be at for class and that I should join him.  Turns out his acting coach was having him and a few others perform at this adorable restaurant in Beverly Hills called Prego.  They had amazing italian food and every Monday they get a piano player and guitarist to come and accompany people as they sing various songs.  I felt so posh sitting there, listening to all of these men and women sing standards and the like.  One guy that performed even impersonated Louis Armstrong — it was so on-target that I was pretty sure Louis came back from the dead.  Crazy.  Anyway, one of Alberti’s classmates was on So You Think You Can Dance and invited some of her friends (castmates) to join us for dinner.  I don’t watch the show that often, but I recognized Jeanine because she was amazing and she won!  She was hilarious.  She had us cracking up the entire night!

I have an event I am supposed to be working this weekend regarding a little pickle with a “poof” so we’ll see how that actually works out.  Thank you all for inquiring about my life, I promise I will try harder to actually call you back on the day that you call me 🙂

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