Stitch of Hope

A few weeks ago, I went to coffee with Kristen Wilson, a dear friend and Theta sister of mine.  She had on this really cute tank that looked home-made but could also have been featured at Urban Outfitters.  It was black and in yellow writing it read “HOPE.”

I figured it might have been a tribute to the good ol’ black and gold, the colors of our sorority.  I kept thinking to myself “I want one of those, wonder where she got it?”  I mean, hope is something not just dear to me, but to everyone.  Having hope means having confidence.

After talking about this and that, she mentioned she wanted to do something to impact the world, and that she shirt was actually one of her own original designs.  It was black and yellow to symbolize the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. 

Kristen started Stitch of Hope, a for-profit organization where proceeds go to benefit your favorite organization or charity.  Currently, she features eight causes on her site:

AIDS Research Alliance:  Red
Alzheimer’s Association: Purple
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: Yellow
American Red Cross: White
Habitat for Humanity: Blue/Green
Humane Society: Blue
Susan G. Komen for the Cure: Pink
The Nature Conservancy: Green

I have no doubt that the line is going to blow out and expand to more causes.  Shirt are $25 and part of the proceeds (minus the product cost) will go to the cause you’re wearing the shirt for!

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