Halo: Reach & Bieber


Last night I worked the Halo:Reach party.  I can say, without a doubt, it was any male’s dream.  The whole party was reminsicent of like… a gigantic video game.  I guess that was the whole point.  Think green, green grass, a tunnel that looked like the sky, and to top it off the party was at Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.  Pretty much a liability waiting to happen — open bar with a bunch of ramps to avoid?  It was awesome, but I kept thinking how if I was getting my drink on that I probably would have sprained my ankle.

The best part (for the boys) had to be the fact that they had 60” flat screens set up in quadrants, where you could sit and actually play the game.  Booze, video games, free food and a concert?  I think this might have been a gigantic man-cave come to life!

bonding time

I got to meet Rob and he was hilarious.  Exactly what you would think of when you meet him: loud, funny and ready to party.  I was hoping to see Meaty or Big, but I didn’t.  He’s really nice and seems to be a fun guy.

I didn’t get to see B.oB perform but I walked past him a few times during his interviews.  I heard he was pretty awesome live.

Oh yeah, and I got to meet some kid named Justin Bieber…


Okay, fine!  I have to admit it was pretty hilarious witnessing all that is the Bieber Clan.  He showed up really late, but only because he was doing a private concert or something before.  He is so cute!  Cute is the appropriate word.  Not hot, not sexy… just precious.  He was wearing a hoodie, had his signature hairstyle going and looked like a puppy.  Instead of a blog called “Lesbians that look like Justin Bieber,” there needs to be “Puppies that look like Justin Bieber.”  He looks. like. a. puppy.

He went in to the party (no drinking, he’s a smarty) and challenged Rob to a few games of Halo before peacing out.  He told some photographer he had to get home because it was “past his bedtime” — something we were all thinking from the get-go.  I’m pretty sure that The Biebs has been the biggest sighting I’ve had since living in LA.  I mean, the kid has three servers on Twitter dedicated to his name alone!  Millions of tweens tweet his name 24-hours a day.  They have to set up his own personal servers to keep the site from crashing.  I’m pretty sure if the Beatles were around in the days of social networking, they’d have their own servers too.  It’s on the same level.

Other than that, Maksim and Audrina Patridge from Dancing with the Stars showed up, along with some other Dancing with the Stars alum.

the factory
giant skateboard… and Halo

Anyway, everyone that attended the party got Halo:Reach!  One person that I know has it for sure is my 18-year-old brother, Nick.  So boys, if you’re wanting to play the game before it’s out, I’m pretty sure he’s going to be stationed in his room all weekend starting tomorrow at 5:00 p.m.  PSA: I am the best big sister EVER.

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