College Colors Day, September 3rd

Guess what?  To commemorate the start of college football, Friday has been deemed “College Colors Day.”  I can’t remember who initiated it, but I think I’d be on the right track if I said ESPN.

Anyway, every football season I have the same problem.  A loyal Horned Frog, yet I’m lacking in the purple!  What gives?

I found a cute blouse to wear at my favorite go-to: Forever 21 (wear it once and it doesn’t matter because it probably costs less than $20.00), but I got all wrilled up and decided to get on ShopStyle to find some attire for the season.  Here’s to being #7 (suck it) and hoping we can get to another bowl game this year.

Rompers, tees and dresses: perfect for summer!  While most of the nation is gearing up for cooler weather, we Texans know it’s going to stay hot probably until October hits. 

TCU Summer looks
American Apparel, Bobi, Charlotte Russe, Cynthia Vincent
Ideas for what to wear when it’s blazing hot outside!

While I love the color purple, it’s hard to keep a full closet of it.  There’s only so many purple garments you can own, right?  I love coordinating black and white with a great purple accessory like a scarf.  Plus, check out these AMAZING Tory Burch bracelets!  I have a feeling they are going to be on every freshman’s wishlist, along with Uggs, oversized sorority tees, a Northface jacket and Nike shorts (and the tradish Columbia top).

 I love the tie-dye and ruffled scarves, as as well as the skinny corduroy’s and the mesh-bottom knotted leggings!  Pair it with the jewelry and some purple flats or heels and you’re ready to go!

A splash of purple
Kate Spade, Anthropologie, Tory Burch, David Lerner
Everyone has the staple black pants and white top. Show your school spirit by purchasing a scarf or some jewelry!

Perfect for the brisk fall breeze or keeping warm on those chilly nights!  And yes, the white top is a mens’ top, but it looked super comfy!

Fall Football – TCU
Alice + Olivia, Banana Republic, Steve Madden
A few different style to keep warm in the brisk fall football weather.

Unlike all the midwest and northeastern schools, our winter is fairly mild.  We don’t get snow.  It doesn’t get that cold.  However, I figured if we happen to make it to a bowl game, it’ll be in January, and everyone could work it out with a cute hoodie or a fashionable trench.  Granted, the really cute one with the ruffles is $900, I figure any trust-fund baby at TCU wouldn’t mind shilling out the dough (then again, we aren’t those SMU girls, so maybe not).

Coats and Hoodies – Go Frogs
Kenneth Jay Lane, Old Navy, Kate Spade, Muu Baa
Outerwear for those colder games (here’s hoping to a National Championship!)

Another great website to get super cute TCU gear?  Gameday Cloth.  I LOVE the Kara Polo Dress in purple as well as the Unisex TCU tee!  And I fully intend on buying both of these once they are on the site:

Let’s go FROGS!

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