Hear-see 8/13/10


Because the world needs more professional athletes losing their mind acting like Neanderthals supporting violence, the St. Louis Cardinals and the Cincinnati Reds proceeded to engage in a full out bitch fight brawl during their game on Tuesday, consequently suspending Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto (for kicking some dude in the head repeatedly) for seven games and both teams’ coaches two games.  Four players were fined but are able to play in upcoming games.

If you watch this video, you’ll agree when I say more people should have been suspended and for longer periods of time.  I have no idea what spurred this massive act of idiocracy (yes, I made that up) and I don’t care to research it either. 

U.S. District Court Judge Keith Ellison said his court did not have jurisdiction over Roger Clemens’ defamation claim against Brian Goldigger Lying hack  Mom is rolling over in her grave Mc-what’s-his name.

This isn’t news.  This is a normal occurrance that happens every season.  The Cowboys get all hyped up but end up sucking, then do semi-well to get where they need to be, but then end up choking when it really matters.  I love Dallas, but I do not understand Cowboy fans.  Like I said before, it’s like dating someone who consistently cheats on you, promises they’ll stop — and does — but then cheats again the night before the wedding.  


MTV failed to reach an agreement with video syndication service Vevo, which lead to the removal of music videos from the likes of Lady Gaga, Eminem, Rhianna and Justin Bieber from the site.  Say good-bye to Kanye, Black Eyed Peas, Taylor Swift and our precious Miley!  Honestly, MTV, get your shiz together.  You should be ashamed to even call yourself music television.


… and I fully intend on using it on this blog once it gets up and running!

Following Facebook’s lead, Twitter has now come up with terms of service for those Twitter users who are tweeting with the big man upstairs.  Unfortunately, social media sticks around, regardless of if you are or not.  It’s not only painful but particularly eerie when Facebook suggests you “reconnect” with you friend that died a few months back, and now with the new “Who to Follow” feature, Twitter has taken the same cue.  

Viral Videos

This is a truly inspirational video.  Of course I teared up watching.  Take a look for yourself.  Nick Vujicic probably has had plenty of times where he’s thought “Why me?” “Why can’t I be different?”  “Why can’t I have a different life?”  But instead of dwelling on what he doesn’t have, or what he (physically) is unable to do, he has chosen to love life.  As a result, he has been deeply blessed. 

My favorite part starts at 2:30 and lasts through 2:53.  PS: Thanks to Bobby Bones for tweeting about this!

No arms, no legs, no worries

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