My friends are fabulous!

I may be biased, but I have some pretty phenomenal friends.  All of them are so good at what they do.  When I grow up, I’m going to have a gaggle of nurses to care for me and my children, a good doctor, a few CPAs to get me through tax season, a lawyer to fight my battles, and so much more.  I’m feeling truly blessed.

Just for kicks, I want to showcase a few of them to show my support!  I dig how all of us are following our dreams and actually get somewhere! 🙂

Here’s Taryn doing her think on!  Taryn went to UT and moved out to LA to pursue a career in TV.  Right now she’s at the Teen Choice Awards and a few weeks ago she was in Dallas interviewing the Jonas Brothers!  Congrats girl!

Check out the band 6th Street and my friend Grant… honestly, I jam out to their EP at least once a day.  My favorite song is “Not a Stone.”

Buy their music on iTunes!

Rebekah Hood is a former classmate of mine from TCU.  She’s a phenomenal journalist and after working her way up is now working for the best news station in Austin, KVUE.  I have no doubt that she will be reporting on a national nightly news program.  Rebekah is awesome because she started her own website called The Gist Network.  I frequent this site to get the lowdown on all kinds of news.  It’s better than in my personal opinion, but then again, I’m definitely biased. 🙂 PS:  You can follow The Gist Network on Twitter, as well as Rebekah (@rebekahreports) — I almost posted her as “Rebekah Reports” instead of “Rebekah Hood.” haha!

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Take some time to check out the links and support a great group of people!

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