Etsy for the gift-giver

I spend hours upon hours on Etsy.  It’s rather easy to get lost along the pages, viewing unique designs by millions of users.  The thing I love the most is that more than likely you’ll find something that’s one-of-a-kind to buy, which is why Etsy is great for gift giving!  I’ve had quite a few of you guys messaging me on Facebook, asking me to turn out another “Kirbie’s Guide to Women” post… I’m assuming this must be anniversary season or something?  Regardless, I love doing these types of posts so here goes nothing.

Tonight’s inspiration?  I am on a mission to find a good necklace to wear.  I am looking for something I can wear everyday; something symbolic.  I don’t know what symbolism I’m searching for, but I found some great pieces that I can’t wait to share!  I found some other intriguing items along the way…

Great for girlfriends
Gentlemen, if you’re looking for a unique anniversary, birthday or “just because” gift, take some time to sort through these babies.  Your woman will be impressed that you even heard about Etsy, scoring you double points for your efforts.

Love is all you need

Antique Love Clay Polymer Pendant

If you’re into the initial stages of the relationship but have already said I love you, this is a great alternative instead of making a huge statement by buying 14 carats or diamonds.  I’d recommend this as a “just because” gift, or a “congrats” type of thing.

baby just say yes

Love Story Hand Stamped Personalized necklace
Does your woman love Taylor Swift?  Do you love her?  Then she’ll love this necklace.  More importantly, you get to make it personal and show her your softer side with this piece by adding both of y’alls initials!  Too cute.

is patient, is kind

Love Never Fails Glass Tile necklace
This is only $6.95!  How creative, right?

here’s my heart

Heart stone with side roses ring
In my years of having plenty of guy friends, one thing I know is that some of you are hesitant to give a girl a ring as a gift.  Most of you have a legitimate (and good) reason: you want to wait until the day you propose to give your gal a ring.  However, if you don’t have that in mind, this ring is beautiful and says “I love you” without saying “I want to marry you.”  Obviously.  Just as a precaution, I wouldn’t get crazy and buy this for a six month anniversary or anything, but if you’ve been with your GF for at least a year, I think you’re in the clear (rhymes!).  It comes in sterling silver and 18c gold.

the honest truth

Happily Ever After print
When you’re committed but haven’t tied the knot, gifts can get mundane.  There is only so much jewelry you can give (although some women would think otherwise).  That’s why this print is so special!  It’s not he norm yet it speaks lengths of how you feel about her.  She can hang it on her wall to remind her everyday that you gave it to her.  Pretty neat.

forevs, duh

Personalized Wood Heart and Arrow box
This is actually for the ring bearer, however what a cute box to present aforementioned ring in!  Since it’s personalized, she’ll be sure to never lose the box.

Just for fun

sweet like candy

Vintage Lilac Sweetheart necklace
I love this!  It’s retro, funky and great for dressing down any outfit.

bee happy, honey

Bee Happy Copper Heart Hand Stamped necklace
What a great reminder to wear everyday!  I like the cute play on words.

green with envy

Tree of Life Peridot
If you have any friends born in August, this gift will totally blow them away!  It’s made with August’s birthstone, peridot, and it’s so creative that I want one for myself.  You’ll be sure to get compliments with this addition around your neck!

flower power

Pocket Full of Posies Swarovski Crystal Flower in Yellow and Peridot necklace
I think this is absolutely stunning, mostly because it reminds me of a pansy. (Theta love!)
It’s so simple yet so chic… understated elegance!  It comes in other colors as well.

twisted hearts

Black Hearts Gothic earrings
My friends all make fun of me because I got really into skulls back in 2006 and it’s stuck with me ever since.  It was during that trend when black nails were huge… a trend that never ended for me.  (Sue me.)  Anyway, I obviously gravitated towards these earrings because, well, they have these cute skulls on them!  And I know they’d be perf for Halloween.

warms the heart, too!

Colorful neckwarmer
I’m obsessed with this because it’s purple!

For Texans
This search includes great pieces for those of us lucky enough to have attended a Texas university 🙂


I love this piece by thegildedlily!  DFW has a huge place in my heart, even though I was raised in Austin.  I absolutely love Dallas and plan on having a home there some day.  How great is this necklace?  It’s one of a kind!

I’m going to hell… hook ’em.

This necklace is only $4.50 and is great for game day!  They have various other sports teams as well.

shouldn’t this one have a basketball?

Customizable School Spirit necklace
I really wish my brother was a sister (not really) so I could  gift this necklace to him when he graduates!  How adorable!  Perfect for football season — or basketball season, as they do both of those sports.  (I hope they make baseball soon!)

More pieces…

Sorority Chic

go greek!

Customized College and Sorority necklace
I LOVE THIS!  I totally intend on getting one and wearing it around to TCU games and alumni functions.  The great part is that it’s totally customizable.  Perfect for new recruits (ahem, Molly: perfect for when Caroline goes Theta!), recent initiates and old people like myself.

Chi Omegas
I’m not a Chi Omega, but owls are all the rage right now, so I figured I’d help some sorority sisters out!

Find more great items on right now!

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