NBA Shots

I’m not a “shot taker” per say.  I don’t really like them, I don’t take them correctly, and when I try I end up spilling half of it down my face and all over my clothes.  I think that is the world’s way of intervening and telling me that Kirbie + shots are not meant to be.  I’m pretty conservative when it comes to drinking, mostly because I am a lightweight, and partially because I don’t want to be the idiot throwing up later on in the night.

However, I heard of a shot called the “Lebomb James.”  THAT’S AMAZING!  So I’m about to create two new shots:  the Delonte West on the Beach and Korverkazi.  Trust me, they’ll both taste good.  I’ll put up the recipe once I figure them out.  Then we can all start taking them once the season starts back up!

Maybe we can even get a game going, like Bar Golf or something, where you get points for taking NBA shots.  Obviously the Korverkazi would be worth 3 points; I’m thinking the Delonte West on the Beach would be considered a foul shot, and you’d have to take it in two separate gulps (one point per gulp).  And I’m also thinking it would be an actual beverage that you’d have to consume like it was a shot.

Who’s excited for the season to get going now?!

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