Just because I heard it…

… doesn’t mean it’s true.  But, think for yourself:

Justin Bieber is apparently a size seven shoe and 27 pant.  I keep thinking about how if I was in high school and saw this kid I would totally unimpressed with this little guy — that is, if he never opened his mouth and sang me a sweet, sweet song.  He’s 16, right?  Also, he’s going to be performing at the VMA’s (shocking!).

Justin Timberlake is bisexual.  I’ve heard this about 6,000 times from my ex-boyfriends and my little brother, but they have no legitimate reason to believe so.  However, since moving to LA, I’ve heard from three separate people that JT swings both ways, based the behind-the-scenes crap that goes on during his tours and at parties.  I mean, I guess if you’re a guy that can get any woman you want, you get bored…?

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