You know what they say?

You gotta kill a cow to make a burger.

Not positive where you came up with that one, Gaga, but I like your style.

At work, our creative director consistently orders food from RFD, Real Food Daily.  It’s a vegan restaurant.  Now, being from Texas, I tend to run away screaming from anything that prevents me from eating a hearty steak and a goblet of cheese (mmmm).  I mean, I attempted to be a vegetarian once my junior year of college because I felt compelled to save baby (micro) pigs.  I lasted two months, and on the eve of defeat, I went to Central Market, ordered a chicken breast, and promptly vomited it all up after consumption.  Guess my system wasn’t used to meat.

Anyway, I was interested in RFD and decided to order from the menu.  My choice?  A ‘Pick Three’ option, where I chose from veggies (kale and collard greens), beans or rice (brown rice) and then some healthy protein option.  I decided on grilled tofu.  Trust me people, I am not in any way a tofu “person.”  But I opted to scare myself just to see what would happen.

I ordered, it arrived, and I went to the back for lunch.  We’re not supposed to have hot food in the salon, but I decided I deserved it and I sure as hell wasn’t eating cold tofu.  I had also ordered peanut sauce to complement the whole meal.  Turns out, everything was DELICIOUS!  The peanut sauce made it 10x better than it would have been.  The tofu was grilled perfectly and it kind of reminded me of chicken.  And kale is my new favorite green.

As of late I’ve been CRAVING kale like a crazy person.  I guess I’ll have to learn how to steam it myself.  That’s not to say that I am going vegan or anything anytime soon — I simply love cheeseburgers and ChickFilA a little too much 🙂  If you’re in Los Angeles, check them out!

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