While everyone is busy crapping their pants about Lebron’s move to the Heat,  I couldn’t care less.  Sorry, Lebron might be awesome at basketball, but let’s be honest, any person who refers himself “The King” makes me want to vomit in my mouth.  Is your name Jesus Christ?  No?  Okay then, Lebron, take a seat.  Remove the crown.  I can’t wait until they expose him and his 17 mistresses in Miami.

Furthermore, I understand Cleveland is pissed, but seriously?  It’s not like he’s burning the place down, stealing from the poor (technically) or drowning babies.  He’s leaving and going to a new organization.  He was there a good seven years.  Time to move on.  I don’t think I’d be happy working at a place for seven years unless I was getting a boatload of cash and the company started with the letter “E” and ended with an “!”.  

Also,  can we all remind ourselves that Lebron has NO championship ring?  Somewhere Kobe is giggling.  

PS: This guy is 25-years-old.  Holy crap.

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