Things that need to happen within the next two months.

Tonight, Makenzie and I got to chatting about weekend plans.  She’s going to see Chris Botti at The Greek, so this got me all kinds of jazzed about looking up future concerts.  So far, I need to be in attendance at the following:

Kings of Leon @ The Hollywood Bowl: July 12th (Never been to the HB… and this would be an excellent excuse)
Train @ The Grammy Museum: July 19th
Justin Bieber, My World 2.0 concert @ Nokia Theater: July 20th (Mak’s birthday is the day after.  With any luck, we’ll be granted the wish of going to see Biebs, the only person we will allow our future daughters to listen to.  He doesn’t talk about sex… so he’s definitely approved.)
Keane @ The Greek OR Rihanna/Kesha at Staples: July 21st (It’s Makenzie’s birthday.  We have to go to one.)
Robyn and Kelis @ The Music Box OR Enrique at Morongo Casino Resort: July 23rd
Gospel Brunch @ The House of Blues: Some Sunday… we will be going to raise the praise at the HOB
Aerosmith @ Irvine Meadows/Verizon Wireless Amphitheater: July 29th — I saw them live in 2006 and it was the most amazing concert EVER
Lady Gaga @ Staples: August 11th (Don’t tell me this is sold out.  I know concert secrets… and I have my ways.)
John Mayer @ The Hollywood Bowl: August 22nd (I missed him in March… haven’t missed a tour yet.  Dead set on going.)
Goo Goo Dolls, Switchfoot and Green River Ordinance: August 29th (This is AMAZING.  I’m so happy for GRO, especially since I hear them on the radio regularly now.  GGD is one of my favorite bands ever, and Switchfoot is great as well).

Sometime in all of that I have to find my way into the Charlie St. Cloud premiere so I can view sex personified, Zac Efron, and see the movie before everyone else.  And, whenever the Jazz play the Lakers, I have got to get some great seats for that.  If you have ever read this blog, you should know why.

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