Bret Michaels for Governor of California

Bret Michaels: with this one name, I think of a single object: the bandana.  Seriously, that and a bunch of crazy hookers riding around on a bus to win his affection.  However my roommate and I got to talking about Bret and how we feel he can do anything.  The man outlived death not once but TWICE.  And he’s still alive and kicking, roaming around the country doing concerts and personal appearances.

California has already had one celebrity-turned-Governor, so why not make it two?  I think Bret better reflects what this state is all about anyway: partying, having fun, and trying not to die.

Furthermore, since my favorite person ever, Simon Cowell, has left American Idol, I got to thinking about if I’d watch it.  Paula is gone.  Kara is annoying.  I love Ellen, but why is she on the show again?  And Randy keeps it real but he isn’t Simon.  So why watch this snoozefest?  I mean, I will watch if there is another Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood on our hands, but those are few and far-between and definitely aren’t guaranteed.  You need the four staples of the show, the judges, to be entertaining.  So, my suggestions are:

Bret Michaels
Bret for obvious reasons.  He makes good TV.  He IS a musician.  He’s funny and knows what he’s doing (did you guys watch Celebrity Apprentice?).  Plus, with his health always in question, it would make for great TV.

Sharon Osbourne
She’s on X-Factor, but please, recruit her for AI!  She’s hysterical and not to mention patient, managing Ozzy’s career for quite awhile.  She would tell it how it is, however still be the mother hen of the group.

Randy Jackson
You’ve gotta keep the big dog.  He’s an original and there’s no reason for him to leave.

You know you’d watch if he was on the show.  Who knows what kind of crazy crap would come out of his mouth.  However, he is a media mogul, with an empire behind him — and maybe this would allow him to actually be on a decent TV show instead of that crap “I Want to Work for Diddy” and how could we forget “Making the Band, Season 27.”

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