Texas 4th of July

While I’m hearing it an torrential downpour in Texas right now (and this weekend),  I have so many fond memories there that I can’t help but to think about the 4th and all the great festivities that happen around the Great State.

Growing up in Georgetown, we’d head to the park for the fair and then watch the great firework show from the sounding area.  They always had music playing in the background that made you feel truly patriotic.  Last year in LA the fireworks were not even comparable to my childhood memories in Texas.. that seems to be the common theme for my life (Texas will always be superior).  I guess it’s probably because all of my family and friends are there!

I remember my favorite 4th experience: 2007.  Me and the Chain Gang, aka Elise, Molly, Liz and Lindsay, were spending the whole summer together because of sorority Recruitment.  It was my first summer away from Georgetown and I was going through my very first internship, at what I deem as my favorite place to work ever: Concussion.  I was not much of a drinker, so I tended to favor Manischewitz Jewish Communion wine because it literally could have been grape juice.  It was SO GOOD.  Anyway, the best 4th of July was that year when all of us got up on top of this roof at this random person’s house and watched the fireworks around Fort Worth.  Being with friends made the holiday so much better.

Anyway, I hope everyone reading enjoys their Independence Day weekend and spends it with their family or their friends!

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