Terrifying thought

I just realized that we’re already into JULY.  Shut the FRONT DOOR!  How did that happen?  Summer is halfway over, the year is halfway over… I’m going to be 24 in December.  And next year?  25.  That’s mid-twenties people.  Right now I’m still floating in that age where I’m not old but not young: two years past being legal, two years away from being in my mid-twenties, seven years away from my 30s.  This is a truly terrifying realization.  I actually had to fill out paperwork the other day and when they asked for my age, do you know what I put?  20.  I haven’t been 20 in three years (obviously).  What possessed me to put that down (and subsequently mark-through) is beyond me, but that again I don’t put anything past myself considering I’ve had those moments where I walk into Starbucks and have to rethink ordering Vodka Cranberry on accident (I swear I’m not an alcoholic).

Anyway… reality sets in.  I’m about to break a hip.

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