Justin Timberlake is a scary man.

Scary talented?  Yes.  But this video I’m about to post is downright SCARY for a different reason.   I remember watching this in 2002, before I had ever had a serious boyfriend, and telling my mom, “MOM!  JUSTIN IS A ‘BUTT’ GUY!   I HAVE JUNK IN THE TRUNK!”  Like that was going to be the main factor in him falling in love with me.  I was in ninth grade.  Lord help us all.

However, I also remember watching this interview and going “holy crap.”  He proceeds not only to paint Britney into an evil villain, breaking his heart and stomping it into the ground, but also manages to divulge why they split (her alleged affair) and that she did not remain abstinent as she had so promised the general public she was going to be.  Not to mention this is all being broadcast to millions of people.  And, furthermore, that Justin was probably the one initiating all of the sex anyway… but that’s neither here nor there.

Always being a huge Britney proponent and equally favoring Justin, I remember while the rest of the teenage world hissed and booed Brit Brit for breaking Justin’s heart, I was more appalled that Justin was  telling Barbara Walters all of this shiz like she’s Trace Ayala — but I hadn’t seen nothing yet!  Remember the “Cry Me a River” video?

Anyway, here’s the interview.  I hope Jessica Biel doesn’t do anything “very bad” or we might get a music vid playing out the details of their breakup.


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