I posted earlier about how my credit card had a “hold” put on it for $150 when my tab was only $30.  Turns out this is a LEGAL PRACTICE!  I mean, I understand doing it on rental cars and hotel rooms, but do I look like I’m able to drink $150 worth of alcohol?  Not even close.  I’m still in shock.

However, that night had some high points.  My friend Taryn and I ventured to SBE’s new hangout, The Colony.  I thought it sounded super sketch, but it was actually really cool and fun.  I also felt like the oldest person there, but that’s another story.

About 30 minutes into our beverages, Taryn turns around and notices a gigantic man standing behind us.  “Oh my gosh.  That’s the dude from The Blind Side!  The fake Michael Ohr!”  I look back — I am not one to leave a celebrity unnoticed — but I didn’t think it was him.  “No way.”

“Yes way!  That’s him! Look!”
I look again.  She was right, it was Quinton Aaron.
Of course we went into massive giggles.
“Let’s give him a hug!” I suggest.  I will never be able to watch that movie without crying.  I just wanted to hug the guy.

He ventured away from us, so our mission the rest of the night was to find him, take a pic with him and get a hug.  I’m not one to take pictures with people.  I have a hard time taking pictures in general (I usually depend on my friends to capture memories).  But this was something that had to be done!

During this adventure, we happened to stumble upon Ryan Cabrera.  By the looks of it, he took a few showers, chopped his hair off and is now sporting the spiky look he had going in the early millennium.  This one chick was hanging out with him and her hair was so fake that I knew it has to be a disguise.  I was correct: it was none other than Pretty Heinous Wild girl, Alexis Neiers.  She hasn’t surrendered herself to jail yet, I guess.  But I thought this was an interesting pair, considering her sister once dated Ryan.

So finally we find Quinton and he’s hanging out in the same VIP area with Ryan!  We decided to wait until he was ready to leave before asking for the hugs.  Turns out he was super nice and even did a “Hook ‘Em” with Taryn for a pic.  Awwww!  See, he’s just a lovable in real life!

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